Sunday, November 25, 2012

There Will Likely Be No "Storms of the Century" This Year

   An open letter to the main stream media...particularly the broadcast media

   Winter is almost here, but the winter-like weather is already here in parts of upstate.
We all know it will will blow....there will be icy conditions, and that we need to be aware of our surroundings.
    Caution is the order of the day and saving lives is paramount.
    However, in reporting the weather, can we keep it in perspective ? Can we not panic the public into staying locked in their homes, afraid of this week's 'storm of the century.' ?
    People talk about weather...News executives have caught on and that's why local news consists mostly of talking about the weather...The more hyberbole, the more viewer and listener interest...
   I get it...I am in radio.
Motorist in the Ditch Sunday in the Town of Parish

    However, throughout the winter months, time after time, the public is spooked by inflammatory weather forecasts. This is particularly true in an area with so many new residents.
   I know its true from my retail auto days, when so many people had been convinced you have to have a four wheel drive vehicle.
    There will be snowy days...but we also have an unparalleled ability to clear roads quickly...
     The recent cancellation of school over "superstorm Sandy" was an example of media hype at the expense of the public.
     Retailers lose a lot with all these OMG weather reports...Let's cool it..We all have to make a living.


Anonymous said...

How do you know there will be no storms of the century ? Do you have a degree in weather ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a degree in junior high statistics...
"...likely be no..."

Left Handed Right Winger said...

You have hit the nail on the head with this comment. Local and news/weather talking heads have for years delighted in telling people to "hide in your house...don't go shopping...don't go to work...don't even think about going out of the house. These jerks have stimied more business in the north country than any economy could. It is disgraceful how news/weather talking heads control the economy in the north country. No wonder there are no sponsors on the news programs...what business leader would want to have his commercial run right after some whacko new/weather guy has said "stay home's going to be nasty." There is another wasted commercial for the businessman. Local news/weather directors should take into account what their "panic declarations" can do to economic traffic. I am not saying that they should disregard the warnings...but do it in a professional/non-screaming way that is meant to inform, not control. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Jeff is right, actually. What would be considered a disaster today, would have been considered "just another flurry" 50 years ago. My father had 16mm movies of snow touching the electric wires on the #3 road back in the late 50's. It was an average year when we had enough snow to cover the fences so you didn't have to look for gates while riding snowmobiles. We had almost open years back then, too, but not as often as we do now. The winter of 1964-65 was one example of very little snow and mild temps. The winter of 1977, farmers dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of milk down the drain because the milk trucks couldn't get to their farms. These "We are expecting 12 inches of snow and we are ALL GONNA DIE!!!" forecasts just make the old timers smile.

Anonymous said...

I know what your getting at Mayor. Back in 1977 WNY was hit by a blizzard. Schools and workplaces closed etc. For a couple years after there was mass paranoia everytime the forecasters would predict measurable snow. So cool it with the heavy snow forecasts when nothing is about to happen. Like a former Mayor of Buffalo once said, "Grab a six pack and stay home".

Anonymous said...

I feel the news media (weather people) overdo this a bit. After Sunday nights news the weather guy had some believing that it was going to be a few feet of snow. I know that its only a prediction, but come on, is it necessary to get people all up in arms about it. I think they need to wait till something even starts before they get all riled up.

Anonymous said...

I am with the Mayor on tis subject.

The media sure over does it.
What is with all this fear mongering?

If there will be bad winter weather we will have to deal with it anyway. So lets wait and see.

We went to Canada yesterday afternun and I nearly cancelled the visit because it was told on YNN we get lake effect snow and the way they showed the expected snowbands.

5 Miles out of Watertown no Snow, suny and cold and a beautiful sunset

On the way home a little dusting of the streets after we came back over the bridge.

But compliments to the Wintercrews on 81. The Street was saltet and clean