Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The War on Christmas Seldom Visits Most of America, Including Us

     Every year about this time the War on Christmas flares up with skirmishes usually only catching the watchful eye of FOX News while the other secular humanist and atheist media focus on their wars like the one on women raging around Susan Rice.
     Each year there is always some minor flap over a nativity scene or some other perceived grievance.
       The War on Christmas isn't touching Watertown where this Friday we celebrate the holiday by calling it Christmas and lighting a tree called a Christmas tree.
       Back in the early 90s there was a brief flap over our Public Square nativity scene but it faded quickly.
Santa Monica City Council Bans Nativity, Religious Scenes in Parks |


Anonymous said...

The holiday breaks at school used to be called Christmas and Easter but they are not anymore, even in Watertown. 99% of the Christmas cards I get from businesses do not mention Christmas.

Seeing that all the countries Barack apologized to for our divisiveness and derisiveness, have Islam as their official state religion, it is high time we reciprocate and make Christianity ours.

Instead we sacrifice our sacred belief of freedom of speech by throwing a filmmaker in prison for a year. In a state where Polanski can drug and rape a teenager with impunity.

The liberals hate Christianity, while pretending all religion is created equal and refusing to acknowledge that all great societies were born out of the principles of Christianity. They would have eradicated Christmas by now if it were not for the freestuff concept that comes with it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor,

Thank you to you and the City Council for your determination too keep Christmas, not "holiday," a tradition in Watertown and maintaining the nativity scene. Something seemingly minuscule such as these traditions really do mean a lot to many residents.

RonS said...

Interesting that the Christmas tree has nothing to do with Jesus. Humans have been decorating their homes for thousands of years to celebrate the winter solstice which happens late in December. Even the birth of Jesus was probably in the middle of April some six years before the date we celebrate. Somebody in a long robe decided to pick a day. To protest the celebration is just silly. Light up the tree, Mayor and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!