Monday, November 12, 2012

The sex-change sweethearts: And It Happened in the Heart of Red State America

      Among the signs the times have changed is a story like this one out of Oklahoma. Two youngsters unhappy with the gender they were born with undergo sex change surgery and then hook up romantically in their new genders.  They seem like nice people and I am glad they are happy, but such things are just not a part of the world many in Red State America are familiar with and yet the story played out in the Sooner state where every county voted for Mitt Romney.

        I guess the point is that while pols continue to rant about various social issues, regular people  increasingly  are accepting of lifestyle changes not of their choosing but still happening.
         Not that people don't disagree with same sex marriage or pot legalization. Some view them as metaphors for decay, but there is no longer a national majority for that position.
          Hence, four more years.

The sex-change sweethearts: How a pageant princess and colonel's son fell in love after BOTH had transgender treatment | Mail Online


Anonymous said...

I am a republican and I identify myself as socially moderate and support same sex marriage, fiscally I am conservative. Am I middle of the road or centrist?

Anonymous said...

We need same sex what ever as much as possible. Keeps the next generation of free-bees off the planet.

Anonymous said...

I am tolerant of people that are apposed to SSM. So although I don't care that it is legal, out of tolerance I would support civil unions over SSM.

And since we never had a presidential candidate come out in favor of SSM until a week ago, I am not as convinced as you are that it is a settled debate.