Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Other Side of the Hurricane

     President Obama last week embraced Hurricane Sandy as his chance to look Presidential. Now as chaos envelopes some of the hard hit areas and hurting citizens are on TV griping, the President is off campaigning, telling voters to vote for him is "the best revenge."   Revenge for what I don't know.
     The sloppy wet kisses between the President and Taft-like governor of the Garden State has given way to odd-even rationing. Mayor Bloomberg issued a shallow and callow endorsement of "The One" right after the storm, but Hizzoner's stock fell quickly with the marathon debacle and the pesky body count on Staten Island.
      It's Governor Romney who is on the trail preaching working together. For President Obama, its just more victimhood and recriminations. (Is the storm Bush's fault too ?)
      Those hoping for more of their President can get their "revenge" on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Relax Jeff, relax.

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe it. It’s just propaganda.

Mayor, I hope I don’t sound arrogant or condescending but here is a homework assignment for you: over the weekend I want you to watch Fox News and MSNBC… see what they are talking about and get back to us Monday and tell us what you learned, okay. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't figure it out. Are you angling for a job with the Romney or Doheney administration? And the revenge is for the lie about Jeep jobs going to China.

Anonymous said...

Gee mayor, for a guy who claims to be a Libertarian and voting for the same as POTUS, you sure do an awful lot of Romney promoting on here.

ray lear said...

Well where is the same Army and Navy that lands in other countries all the time and helps the people of said other countries? I saw several thousands in Japan only a few years ago. Why do they never land here in our country to help? I'm not stupid, but man it does seem like we worry more about the Middle East and not here. We need to spend our dollars in our country. The answer always seems to be right after one of these things is to send our dollars to the Red Cross and let them handle it. Why? We have handed money over every week from our pay check to run the government. Where is it?

RonS said...

Where are the French, Germans, Italians etc. from the alleged United Nations coming to our aid? They are blood sucking pigs who counted on us in two world wars! I say cut off all the aid money for five years so we can rebuild our own communities!

Anonymous said...

@Ron S.

You might ask this Question to your government, because they did not act on offers from other countries.

For example during the catrina disaster Germany offert ships for the homeless and help with the cleanup.
Only after weeks they let some help in with some search dogs.

Anonymous said...

“The sloppy wet kisses between the President and Taft-like governor of the Garden State has given way to odd-even rationing.”

“It's Governor Romney who is on the trail preaching working together.”

Umm, by “sloppy wet kisses” do you mean “working together?” And wouldn’t a Democratic president and a Republican Governor “working together” qualify for …uh, “working together?”

“…the President is off campaigning, telling voters to vote for him is "the best revenge."

Just a wild hunch, but do you think it might have something to do with Romney writing off 47% of the American people as dead beats? Oh well, I guess that probably fits the Republican definition of “preaching working together.”

Anonymous said...

Speaking of “revenge” “victimhood” and “recriminations”…

Here is yet another example of Team Mitt “working together”…
From Politico:

In typical Christie fashion, there has been nothing understated about his role at each critical point, culminating with his tour with President Barack Obama on Marine One this week as they surveyed Sandy’s havoc along the Jersey Shore.

The differences were papered over. Now, some Romney friends and donors are irked by Christie’s embrace of Obama this week, which one referred to as “over the top."
"If Romney wins, it won't be forgotten,” the adviser said. "If Romney loses, it doesn't matter."

Really, “it won’t be forgotten?” Nice to know.

Well, I guess “it doesn’t matter”, because Romney IS going to lose.

Anonymous said...

I like the Romney Threat form of campaigning. Vote for him or else....nice way to run a country.

Anonymous said...

The "Revenge" for me will be my vote AGAINST Obama and his socialist agendas!