Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Dream Looms for Many Tonight

     They are getting the kind of jackpots that attract more players..One again Powerball (played on Wednesdays and Saturdays) is huge. An annuity value of over $325M with a cash value over 200.
   Just last August, Donald Lawson of Lapeer MI won a cast value of $226M.
Don Lawson With His Very Happy Mom Last August
        While doubtful, this jackpot could roll over again into record territory. Record or not, this is a lot of money.  Win it and you could take care of Mercy, the Masonic Temple, the Woolworth Building, Sewall's Island, and build a dog park and still have a ton of money leftover..

Powerball could smash its record


Anonymous said...

With that kind of money you could build 280 apartments like the ones in the YWCA building. But you wouldn't have any money left over.

RonS said...

Sometimes these mega-jackpots are just plain stupid! I would rather see 400 people win $500,000! Wouldn't you like half a million?

Anonymous said...

No Ron I couldn't live on half a million,how could I shop on black fridays on that little? And no dog park if I win,mr mayor,gonna build a huge shark tank in the zoo for shark week year round!

Anonymous said...

Hey 911 or you could build "homeless" housing on Stone St. lease it out to CREDO and still have it vacant. The women in the photo looks like the Ft. Drm Storage lady?