Monday, November 19, 2012

The Day They Tore Doc Strange Down

    A familiar waterting hole to generations past and a tattoo parlor to today's generation came down in a pile of rubble today. Doctor Strange' Parlor...before that Smoky's Tavern..... recently became city property and Council opted to tear down the bug infested and dilapidated structure.
      A second property taken for taxes this year is also coming down. A tenement on East Lynde Street is being demolished. Other, more useable buildings taken for taxes were auctioned off, although a warehouse on West. Main Street may have to be auctioned again as the high bidder failed to meet a deadline for closing.
     City Council will discuss that matter tonight.


Anonymous said...

And the bugs found a new home where?

Idi Amin Duda said...

Did you grab me the race car bed out?

Anonymous said...

While you were there you should have torn the old TV block down.