Thursday, November 29, 2012

Susan Rice is Wealthy....Not a Victim

   You gotta love Ambassador Susan Rice....Here she is being made a black Joan of Arc by the MSM and the Dem hierarchy and she and her Canadian husband are worth more than Matt Doheny.
      Ms. Rice has a bunch of cash in the Keystone Pipeline, which is especially delicious.
      You see these people are not of us...they are an elite...That's OK, but they really don't need the mantle of victimhood when they get into a political sticky wicket.
Worth a Bundle...Good for Her

       I think John McCain has been kind of over the top on Benghazi...It is what it is and let's move one....
       And I don't care if Ms. Rice is Secretary of State.
       She and I do share something in common...We both attended Stanford, albeit in different capacities...Her as a graduate of the as a newborn at the University Medical Center in Palo Alto.
Rice connected to Keystone pipeline company - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Yeah it is what is,four guys got abandoned to a mob,were murdered while we sat on our hands,then they lied about the cause,blaming a stupid video,in essence blaming Americans for the so called "demonstration" no one will tell the truth about what happened to Congress.Mighty forgiving of you,somehow I suspect they other party wouldn't be so magnanimous if the tables were turned.Oh yeah,they were,they screamed bloody murder about a silly political botched burglary..

North Sider said...

Wow, Mr. Mayor. Nice use of the phrase "these people" when talking about a black Joan of Arc. Stay classy.

And what does the fact that she has money have to do with whether or not she is being unfairly attacked?

Anonymous said...

All this incessant pecking away at Susan Rice is nothing more than a red-herring for the hard questions that aren't being publicly asked or answered…

Most notable: Not a word about what was actually going on inside the consulate and it’s oversized CIA station in Benghazi. Not a word in public about MANPAD (man-portable air-defense systems) stockpiles and the movement of Libyan Jihadists to Syria.

If these politically motivated GOP jackasses and their rank and file lemmings really wanted to understand the motives and causes of the events that led to the loss of Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans -- there's an entirely different set of questions they should be asking.

But, they won’t, and there is a reason -- because that would be telling. It would get in the way of the ongoing covert program of regional and geopolitical regime change and religious warfare between the Saudis and Iran that our Government has taken sides in.

If we should dare to open up this can of worms so as to get a peek at the squirming contents inside… we may discover that Susan Rice is nothing more than a pawn and diversion in a much larger game plan.


Idi Amin Duda said...

If it wasn't uncovered most of us would have been more then happy to believe it all too. Some of us can't handle the truth. Some of us don't want it. I for one am glad I don't know it all. You hear little bits and pieces every day about the war. Some of it is not good.

As far as being a victim. Are we all not taught that being one is so much easier then just facing the truth and standing up? Falling down and balling up is the new way of America. We are armored Texas rodents.

Anonymous said...

Rice is a Pawn? How idiotic can you be? She is most definitely a rook. And she should have kept her mouth shut if she has secrets to keep instead of making the rounds to defraud us with her propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Condoleezza Rice went before the United Nations and the world with FALSE claims of WMD to persuade the world to invade a sovereign country; Iraq. The Bush administration had the blessings of the now bellicose right wing crowd and C. Rice was still confirmed!

These hypocrites have no shame; either that or they think that Americans have short memories.

Anonymous said...

The "false" claims of WMDs came from everyone including the Clintons and Hussein himself and then he used them! Bill Clinton urged a 'change of regime' in Iraq which means kill the leader!

Anonymous said...

9:11 you forgot to mention the NYTimes when you handed 1:31 his a$$ on a platter.

Anonymous said...

White House 'warned over Iraq claim':

[snip] “The CIA warned the US Government that claims about Iraq's nuclear ambitions were not true months before President Bush used them to make his case for war, the BBC has learned.”

“But a former US diplomat, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, went on the record at the weekend to say that he had travelled to Africa to investigate the uranium claims and found no evidence to support them.

“Now the CIA official has told the BBC that Mr Wilson's findings had been passed onto the White House as early as March 2002.”

“That means that the administration would have known nearly a year before the State of the Union address that the information was likely false…”

In addition, it is a well-understood principle that if someone has been caught in a lie, we are less likely to believe him. For example, a witness who is caught in a lie during trial is unlikely to be believed by the jury when he makes another statement.

Well, Cheney and other high-level White House officials repeatedly implied that Saddam and Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda and 9/11, when they KNEW that wasn’t true.

Indeed, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind reports that the White House ORDERED the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 … and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq.


Anonymous said...

Saddam Hussein was convicted of using WMDs on his own people and executed. For some reason I believe this was a just verdict.

VK is absolutely right the important issues are being obscured and forgotten. The whole situation reminds me of Sean Connery's 1982 movie "Wrong is Right" I highly recommend it. It shows the world as it exists today.

Anonymous said...

Trying to obfuscate and muddy the waters is not working..this woman,or her bosses,and or both,sat on their hands while americans,including a U.S. ambassador,were viciously attacked and murdered.And now have selective amnesia as to what occurred..Has nothing to do with Iraq,tho anyone with any knowledge realizes those borders are porous and wmd's can travel here,there and everywhere in the mideast1,so what is true today may not be true tomorrow..regardless,this woman obviously lied,is still lying,and why?You Dem's know in your heart,this is wrong,and you should be demanding the truth no matter who is in office..

Anonymous said...

“…regardless,this woman obviously lied,is still lying,and why?”

You are spinning like a dradle. You need to provide verifiable and legitimate sources of PROOF substantiated by FACTS that she knowingly/intentionally lied; otherwise YOU are the one that is lying!

Hint: Fake News, Limbaugh and Hannity don’t qualify as legitimate sources.

Anonymous said...

The unfounded criticisms regarding Rice's professionalism and character may well have little or nothing to do with race or gender ... but it is definitely about petty politics.

Using the ambassador as a vehicle for another barrage of unwarranted attacks against the POTUS is an act of desperation and frustration by a frantic and increasingly irrelevant Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

uh she came out and blamed the attack on an internet video,knowing that was not the case,and claimed there was no evidence of terrorism at the site when they knew as it was going on that it was al quaeda sponsored..what would you call her statements then?Keep toeing the company line though,it is required to allow incidents to flourish.

Anonymous said...

You are exposing the depth of your ignorance and humiliating the hell out of yourself with your misguided accusations.

The voters didn't buy it, Mitt Romney--after first foraging blindly into it--backed away from it and the POTUS continues to stand his ground, so it remains to be seen who blinks first.

In the case of the GOP--like a polar bear on an ever shrinking ice floe--there is little else they have to hang on to.

Anonymous said...

Congressmembers questioning her came away disturbed and with more questions after the session than answers.You may be blind and willing to accept bs when it is shoveled at you,and in fact help out with the shoveling,but I prefer to let the facts speak as they are.Now,shout away again..

Anonymous said...

“Congressmembers questioning her came away disturbed…”

This may be the most sensible statement you’ve made to date.

As it is, like you, the “disturbed” Republican congressman are still unable to substantiate their “suspicions” with tangible “facts” that demonstrate she was “knowingly” suppressing information or lying. In any case, you are still spinning like a dradle.

Incidentally, for the record, I am not particularly keen on the prospect of Rice’s nomination either… albeit for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Well then perhaps we can agree to disagree less vehemently.Also for the record,am not a rabid repub,or teaparty follower,or even a fox news acolyte.I tend to watch all news,and I find the reports disturbing in that these men died needlessly when we had military assets in striking distance with no discernible reason why an attempt to save them wasn't made.Or why the youtube video was offered up as an erroneous reason for the attack by this person.Something smells rotten in Denmark..