Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sure Beats Working for a Living...Ungrateful Judges Carp Over Salaries

   When you are a judge you don't have to maintain an office...or staff...or hustle up customers. You work for a salary but you do get benefits including medical and the state's generous pension plan.
    Now some judges are complaining their recently raised pay is not enough. Granted it was left unchanged for years, but that's politics.
     I haven't heard our city judges complain about their new pay.  In fact, I think they approciate the opportunity to have such a good job.
Some N.Y. judges say 27% pay raise is insufficient | Star-Gazette |


Anonymous said...

Most state / government workers are ungrateful. The difference is some govt workers are in a position to make more money in other settings. Most are not. Go to see through NY. How many Jefferson County Workers are making over $50, $60 AND $70 thousand a year (plus full benefits). They do not have a skill set that will let them go into the private sector and make anywhere near that money.
Judges in Jefferson County are the top financially. There may be a few making more but not many (esp when you add in the benefits and the fact that you do not worry about running a small business)

However, down in NYC partners in the big firms make millions. Any half way decent judge in NYC can go to a firm and command a financial package better than they are receiving from the state. Fortunately there are NYC attorneys willing to do the work.

Many doctors in state hospitals are in the same boat.

Unfortunately government does not recognize this.

The People will recognize and demonize the "greedy" businessman, but the slug working less than 35 hours a week for $60k is excused, not to mention the liberal actors who support the government giveaways while hosting parties that would pay for 20 of those slugs.

Anonymous said...

Public sector workers USE money, private sector workers GENERATE money. Therein lies the difference. When the private workers do more the company makes more and can pay more. Public workers do the same thing every day so why the cry to make more, or for the unions to strike over it?

Anonymous said...

Hey 130 most salaries in the Public Sector are way below their counterparts in the Private sector, that being said theres not many judges in the private sector. Also the list of salaries is it inclusive of OT?

Anonymous said...

I just went to see through new york. The 100th workers base salary for 2012 is over 63,000. I know some of them There counterparts do not make the money they make. Esp. when you add in bennys.. South Jeff, General Brown, Watertown (over 150), Lyme (28), Lafargeville(30) Alex Bay (48) have numerous employees that make over $50 and most of them work less than 9 months a year.

They can complain how hard their job is but get real. Try it in the public sector. I don't begrudge those with these sweetheart jobs but lets get real. These type jobs and the pensions and health benefits take a huge chunk of my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Well theres choices in Life, and the facts are the facts, so live with it.

Anonymous said...

3:50 that is the old lie based on old data. Today when all benefits are added the public sector with like jobs earns 20% more.

Take a look at our wonderful teachers many not out of work. A small fraction of them found jobs that paid close to what they earned teaching and those jobs had far lower benefits with no chance to retire like a public emp has.

Yes in NYC the pay may skew some but in upstate the golden ticket to wealth and early retirement is a public sector job.

Anonymous said...

753 youre right and in 2 years I'll be getting my golden ticket punched, thanks for the Freebies.