Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Suburban New York school districts paying $500,000 to superintendents -

   Everybody talks about the politicians making all that money, what with Governor Cuomo being paid $179,000 a year, but there's never any discussion  when a school superintendent is paid three times what the Governor makes.
    What's also amazing is how the advocates for the "middle class" are the most ardent defenders of the high paid education elites.
     If a top education administrator is really worth that much, then they should be able to work their magic without having 700 plus districts (fiefdoms).
Suburban New York school districts paying $500,000 to superintendents -


Anonymous said...

Yet all of us would do the governors job for free...and non of us would to a superintendents job.

Anonymous said...

The answer Dom a career educator here is NO !!! Any job regardless of the incumbent is WORTH. Only SO much .

Superintendents , public college presidencies are basically managerial akin to branch managers rather than true CEOS .

They report to a centralized authority and their councils are advisory as opposed to trustee level fiduciaries.

They are important posts BUT th figure quoted is over the top , excessive and totally unrealistic . .and symptomatic of the excess I n the system that needs to be corrected and streamlined to reduce redundancies and ANY unjustifiable positions

Anonymous said...

Exactly Mr. Graham.

I do not understand why every little school district need so much administrators anyway.
Every school has a prinicpal and vice prinicpal isn't that enough?

In Europe for example is one Superindentent in a city of nearly 500.000 people or one superintendent per county and he/she sure makes no 500,000 as Salary or get a taxpayer paid car to use and other privileges they get here.

This is what we are paying taxes for and where the money goes and not for a good education, for teachers and the children and their needs in the classroom.

The american public school system is nothing but a jobmaschine, that's why it cannot compete with the education of other first world countries.

Dan Francis said...

What a disgusting story ... we have "rent control" how about school administrator's salary control.

I'm all for teachers getting a good salary but not administrators getting salaries like this ... sickening to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some school administrators still make $19,000500.00 LESS than an lilliterate athlete!

Anonymous said...

hey at least we're getting good value for it,check out the math and english test scores!