Friday, November 30, 2012

Space Age Tree Graces City Hall

     The classic 1960s aluminum Christmas tree that has graced my Pearl Street tavern for years is on display this season at City Hall for those who don't want to be mixing the Devil's Brew with the holidays.
     The shiny tree was decorated this morning by members of City Clerk Ann Saunders staff and visitors to the first floor of City Hall are welcome to stop in and see it,
     This particular tree came my way from a HOTLINE listener on Ives Street who heard me talking about how they were a part of my youth in the go-go 60s.
     The tree was bought at Weston's Shoppers City on Arsenal Street and originally had the colored light wheel featured with these trees. (Stringing lights on the tree is not allowed)
     Thank you to the Clerk for hosting the tree in a place where more can remember this period in American history. Already today one person stopped in to tell the story of her Grandma's silver tree !

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