Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simcha Felder’s fence-hopping -

   Opinions vary on whether Senator-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn was principled or unprincipled in getting elected as a Democrat and then bolting the party to caucus with the GOP next year.  Republicans would be aghast if one of their own did that upstate, but since it fits their need for majority control, Mr. Felder is considered virtuous.
    Do people have a right to expect if they vote for you on a party line, that you will side with that group once in office ?  
     Since people really don't identify that much with party anymore, the public may not be up in arms, but the insiders viewed this as heresy in the highest.
     Voters can pass judgment  again in 2014\


Anonymous said...

Republican principles are principled. Democrat principles is an oxymoron.

In this case there is nothing wrong with a democrat bolting the party caucus because the reason he is doing it is for democrat other words "free stuff". By being the swing vote they will be able to bargain for more free stuff. Democrats never cared at whose expense their free stuff comes from. In this case it just happens to be other democrats.

Maybe Cuomo put him up to it, to keep him from showing his true colors even more.

Anonymous said...

Repugnicans principles OMG please that is a a first class belly laugh Talk about satire !!! the Repugnicans principle got its ass handed to it because the rest of us got tired of the Me Me Me , screw the middle class and EFF American workers and let me get my one percenters free stuff ya know offshore tax breaks , corporate welfare, I'll even start my own bishopric so I can look like a hero BUT not pay any taxes, and if I do it'll be at the 15 percent tax bracket ,

Repugnicans principles that is a real oxymoron !