Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sign In Pools on Their Last Legs

      With football playoffs coming up the state has pretty much eliminated the once ubiquitous football pool from any place selling the Devil's brew. Gone also are the once popular sign-in pools and dice games.
     Word bubbled through the bar world this weekend, the "state boys" were busy busting Legions and fraternals over sign-in pools, which used to be everywhere but have been snuffed out in part by the easy availability of other forms of gambling.
    We can be proud Albany has drawn the line against this fifty cent per day addiction.
    Are football pools, dice games, sign up sheets illegal? Yes, Sections 106.6 and 105.22 of the ABC Law prohibit gambling in businesses licensed for consumption on and off the premises. This includes social, casual and professional gambling. Exceptions are the sale of lottery tickets when licensed by the Division of the Lottery and bingo or games of chance when authorized by the State Racing and Wagering Board-SLA Website
     Remember the $200 a square football pools at Benny's ? Those and lesser dollar pools are gone as well.
Used to be the Beer Companies Would Hand Out the Templates
for this bit of the Devil's handiwork

      Football parlay sheets are still common in workplaces but if someome pulls one out to check his scores, I have to scold them and suggest they buy a Loose Change scratcher instead.
      I always wonder who runs these parlays. I know there is a big one for county employees but I don't know of one in the city work place.
       Those sign in pools were a big deal years ago in Watertown with some folks chasing the pools and the spots with high pots attracting big crowds. A similar phenomenon exists now with those Queen of Hearts raffles which are suddenly popular.
       I always wondered how a state that can find the time to worry about a sign in pool at a Legion way out in East Jesus, NY could have let that whole bath salts thing get so out of hand.

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Anonymous said...

Because bath salts don't cost the state any gambling dollars.