Sunday, November 11, 2012

Senate Power Swap Could Have Impact on NNY

    News is slow getting out of Albany, but I guess its true that Dems have taken at least numerical control of the State Senate, although its not known what the effect of the Independent Democratic Caucus will have.
    Dems picked up a handful of upstate seats to building on their many seats from the City.
    The last time the Democrats had control they were hampered by caucus members like Pedro Espada, Hiram Montserrate and Carl Kruger, all of whom are gone now.
    The story Brian A...(oh wait, he's gone). The story worth covering is what effect does this have on us.
     In Albany, minority members are allocated less staffing and without the leverage of controlling one house, areas represented by Republicans could suffer.
                                           New York State Senate Chamber
     All of this could amplify the power of our one Democrat representing this area, Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
      Another measure now sure to pass is an increase in the minimum wage as its a priority of the Governor and was only put off by the GOP Senate till after the election.
       As for our Senator, Patty Ritchie won reelection with a 70% vote against a credible opponent.
       As for the Governor, a mixed bag. The last thing Andrew Cuomo needs is a dysfunctional, ultra liberal Senate to go with a left leaning Assembly.  The Governor has played the two parties against each other successfully and may now have to adopt another strategy.
      Losing the Senate, and the changing demographics of NY could mean the GOP is a permanent minority party in the state and unable to field a legitimate candidate for Governor in 2014.
Senate Democrats, Lessons Learned


Anonymous said...

It doesn't amplify the power of a democrat in our are because they already have plenty of democrat representatives to push through everything they want. Unless she is even more librul than your average librul democrat, in which case she would have to be the deciding vote for some ultra extremist extremism, in order to get anything for her RINO county.

Also, Cuomo is a pretty leftest guy all by himself. The governor did not play the parties against each other. He is not that bright. He and his party bullied the third guy to go along with as much of his agenda as he could get the senate to do. The senate kept him in check a little.

Now it is just a race to see if the libruls drive kaliphornia or NY to collapse before they drive the whole nation to collapse.

Anonymous said...



She has no juice now in the assembly. She is not Darrel Aubertine by any stretch of the imagination. He delivered and they cared about his position, they don't care about Addie and if possibly true they don't even like her..

She can't deliver anything including the morning paper!

Oh wait that doesn't exist either

Anonymous said...

If Patty Richie had a credible opponent she would be toast. Now that the Senate has gone to the NYC Democrats, and no Sen. Aubertine to protect us we are in big trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

yes with the back benching of Ritchie being inevitable the Norquist effect will not be in play much longer . Watch the GOP as they maneuver her out next time in favor of a more sale able product to market .

Dan Francis said...

GOP politics across the board, basically are obsolete. Certainly in the "leadership" department.

Anonymous said...

Will Obama borrow another trillion dollar scamulus to give to our state to allow it to continue out of control spending? If not, we will soon see whose party ideas are obsolete.

You can't raise taxes on Golisano anymore...he left last time you tried to reach your dirty grubby Danny hands into his pocket. I haven't seen him donate anymore millions to hospitals since then either. Thanks for chasing away the philanthropist Danny and Mikey.

Anonymous said...

Patty is very vulnerable and she knows it. There are lots of credible candidates who will be interested especially in running when Cuomo heads the ticket.

Anonymous said...

AJR has done nothing in the assembly, shes done nothing for the county she lives in.