Monday, November 12, 2012

Secession petitions filed on White House Web site

   Secession didn't work too well the last time it was tried and petitions to do the same will likely fare no better.
   If you secede and have a storm you can't clamor for FEMA.  Those favorite military bases won't be there, and there's no Social Security or Medicare in your new nation.
    I am not even sure who would grant such a request.
Secession petitions filed on White House Web site


Anonymous said...

“The petitions from Louisiana and Texas, however, are approaching the threshold for a response. They were the first two states represented, followed by Alabama…”

Why did I already know this before I read the piece?

Better yet, it would be nice to see these same states to somehow break away from the North American land mass and float away into eternal oblivion.

Oh wait… they already are oblivious.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the WH response when Texas hits the 25,000 mark.

Anonymous said...

it would be interesting to have another civil war..and you,Mayor Graham,could be the new age Lincoln to step in and heal the nation,with beer pong,energy efficient led's and cage dancers..though,I gotta say you would look weird with a stovepipe hat and beard..

Anonymous said...

Many if not most of these states receive MORE federal tax dollars back in revenue than they GENERATE in taxes , thus they would be bankrupt not only financially but also unable to support even a modest program of services .

Laffable when Wingnut nation continues to display ignorance and raw emotion rather than economic intelligence . I can only imagine where this comes from , it is laughable and demonstrates just how OUT of TOUCH these extremist elements are . Apparently there is no limit to the depth of their ignorant rants .

listen fools you guys lost and will continue to lose UNDER ANY SCENARIO until you realize that YOUR world has changed and you are no longer capable of generating anything but marginalized factionalism . have a Nice day

Anonymous said...

The Confederate States rise again? One problem there. EVERYONE can vote now (Especially Huspanics in Texas). So, this will be the end of the GOP.

Dan Francis said...

The GOP/TEA "party" can't stand losing - not just the country they say they love and worship, but an election --- why am I not surprised?

FYI: it's more than petitions from TX or LA - some 20 states have this "movement" in tow ...

I document this for anyone interested in tracking this asinine and nonsense here - stop by.