Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seattle Police: Don't Bogart That Joint

     In NNY on December 6, marijuana is the evil weed...a gateway drug...something you can be cuffed and stuffed for and something the authorties can hold press conferences over when they sieze a couple dozen plants in the Town of New Bremen or under some grow lights in someone's basement.
     In NNY the prohibition on marijuana continues while across the continent in Washington State the demon weed is legal and police in Seattle are putting out a guide to the legal use of it.

      Unknown is whether the US Justice Department will try to put a damper on all this, but I don't think so as President Obama has an evolving view on the war on drugs such as he did on same sex marriage.
      Of course in Washington there are the caveats..You have to be 21, but that will fail as mightily as the 21 year old drinking age. There are limits on the amount you can have and the means of selling weed in regulated stores is still a year off.
      Washington is one of two states to effectively end the prohibition on marijuana and these chinks in the armor of the War on Drugs will be interesting to watch.

Seattle police guide to legal marijuana goes viral | Local News | The Seattle Times


Max Volume said...

And in other news...

Pizza sales skyrocket
in Washington.

Anonymous said...

"There's a chink in the armor" thought Sun Tzu's opponent as he viewed the vast army arrayed in front of him..

Anonymous said...

Unless they secede from the union, it is still illegal in both those states.

Anonymous said...

1:51---- Your views must change. I know prominent people in this area and throughout the government who all smoke the ganja. It has been used since people have walked this Earth. If police waste taxpayers money because it is not legal federally, well then we know part of the reason we are in a deficit. Also i bet you are either a female or over the age of 55.

Anonymous said...

Will "Medical marijuana" be in pill, tablet or liquid form? Oh - just in a tobacco product? So those who think they need it just want to smoke dope! Smoking has been proven to be very, very bad for your health, even lethal. 'Mary Jane' is actually many times worse than nice tobacco so why would a government at any level sanction it unless it is in a medical format?