Friday, November 23, 2012

Sanchez blooper fumble epitomizes embarrassing Jets performance -

    JETS nation got to join the rest of the nation on Thanksgiving night in watching Gang Green fold its tent for the 2012 season, losing to the Patriots 49-19 in an embarrassing game seen by the nation on NBC.
    If ever you wanted to be just the regional game, this was it.
    Five turnovers including a comical butt butt by QB Mark Sanchez all contributed to a 35 point Patriot blitz in the second quarter.

    Tim Tebow was benched with a cracked rib.
     One has to wonder about Rex Ryan's future as well a Sanchez who posted numbers that masked the truly pathetic performance by my team.
     It truly is a black Friday.
Sanchez blooper fumble epitomizes embarrassing Jets performance -


3rd & long again said...

...and then that buffoon Rex Ryan goes on Sports Center and defended the "putz" Sanchez. Both should be sent! The most embarrassing football game I have ever seen. And that following two great games during the day.

Anonymous said...

No worse than Dallas and Philedelphia this year.. Loaded up and have great teams on paper but no heart..
Ryan will be gone, Sanchez will stay Tebo is NFL history now.. With a good coach and a couple of good years in the draft the Jets will be back..
Dallas is a little like the Doheny thing.. They think they can buy everything. No ccharacter at all...

Anonymous said...

dogass jets..same ol same ol..

Anonymous said...

Let it go MCM let it go.