Thursday, November 22, 2012

Salvation Army Prepares Dinner For 600

     Some 600 people will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner today at the Salvation Army on State Street. Twenty-nine turkeys are being cooked along with all the other fixings for what surely will be an enjoyable meal.
       It's also a chance to meet the new commanders , Lieutenants Zeb and Summer Hough, a pair of very nice and dedicated people.

       There is something nice about working on the holiday and getting to see people.
Hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving, and plan to cap the day off watching the JETS take on the Patriots this evening.
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Anonymous said...

While eating today I hope some of the six hundred express some concern of how a political prospect like Mr Doheny (who wants to help North Country people per his campaign) have really helped the people of the North. Think of someone spending aprox three million of his personal assests in the last three years on trying to buy an election could have really gone to good use like helping some of these people in some manner.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mayor,and thank you for moderating this blog judiciously and thankful for the usual,good friends and family,but given the nature of this blog,political,would add I am grateful the nasty comments from the Owens/Doheny camps are over,at least for a while..

Exit 47, Rt. 12 North said...

Salvation Army...good folks. The little bells drive my hearing aid crazy.

Dan Francis said...

Short but sweet - from our home to yours HAPPY THANKSGIVNG

-- we surely have a lot to be thankful for.

For My Few Forum Fine Feathered Friends.

? said...

I heard the local food banks hand out 12 mill. lbs of food every year in this area. That's 4000 tons of food. I believe that is much more food then some of the third world countrys get. So for the people that say how about home. It's happening all ready.

Anonymous said...

@11:12 AM

If the 12 mil.lbs of food is just for the local area of the north country, then that tells me that a big waste of food is going on.
How much People living in Jefferson County a little over 100.000?

There are a lot of people who need all the help they can get and I wish them the best.

Unfortunately there are also alot people who abusing the system.

Like People selling their foodstamps for 50 Cents on the Dollar.
Buying the allowed stuff at Wallymart aquietnd then exchanging it for cash at the customer center.

Like standing in application lines at United Way, looking poor and then leave with a brand new truck.
No wonder they have to ask for help after that carpayment, they cannot feed their family.

Like traveling around to the counties food pantries in very nice new cars by the way and then selling the food items they recieved.

Like being on public assistance and Scetion 8 and spending one weekend out of the month at the casino.

Like having a 50.000 Dollar a year job and avoid to spend money on food, by going to Dollar Dinners or Food Pantries or occations like the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Like having Babies for money and every couple of years to stay on wellfare
No child should be in this world because the mother/ Parents wanted to leech of the system and not work.

Something is definately wrong with this country throwing money behind able bodied young people, who never worked a day in their live don't get married and making babies to stay on welfare.
Never did anything for this country.

While at the
same time it is very hard for veterans, even combat veterans to get help and the money they deserve abd they have to fight for years and years with the VA.

By the way all the above examples I either witnessed personally or my friends, neighbors, family witnessed it.

All the examples above are from Jefferson County.

? said...

Yes the poor are bad, we get it. Or are they just the poor? You don't realize the difference. One dude is poor and out of luck and another is fraking the system. Not both of them. One dude just wants to feed himself and the kids till his luck changes. Sure the other is a lazy dirt bag. But sure as hell you must be able to see the difference.

Anonymous said...

@8:35 AM

I see the difference very much and is about time that the there are more controlls and proof for the people, who "frack" the system.

I am as a taxpayer are feed up with that abuse.

I wrote, that People who are really in need should get all the help they can and more.
Weeding out the abuse would help them the most.

I gave examples of how people playing the system.

There should be better checks in controll for people who are on welfare or on Section 8.

Like once in a while a controll who and how much people living in a house and this people also making money by getting rent from their roommates they take in.

Like a better controll or prove of income, not just earned but also dividents or houserents

How is it possible that someone who has a lot of houses and is nearly a millionaere, can be on Medicaid he has nothing in his name?

I don't see, why veterans have a hart time to get help and fighting the VA for years even wen they were in combat and have purple hearts or old people living poorly on SS having such a hart time and others who leech on the system all their live like get everything thrown after them as long as they are the "victims" of and whine enough.

There are welfare
generations in the city and do nothing but drugs and breeding children, for the next welfare generation.
On top of it they get way with neclecting and misstreating their children selling drugs a.s. on.

This people have perfected their
"victim hood" and everything is throwin after them and nobody of them worked a day in a live or if, then under the table.

All what they do is whining about the situation and how bad they have it. Nobody forced them to have children they cannot afford and do not parent at all or getting an expensive car loan.

No child deserve to be born, because the mother or unmarried parents want to get some money out of the system and don't want to work at all.
To have children out of wedlook seems to be a welfare carrier today, just have one every two or three years and then be a victim, get public housing and so on.

I am so feed up with all this "victims" of society.
Everybody seems to be a victim and perfected whining to get on the public money.

While the real victims, the old and poor, the real dissabled people are quiet and try to make it with pride and with out whining.