Monday, November 12, 2012

Rozum a Credit to Third Party Politics

     A serious third party bid does have an impact on the race, especially when the candidate is committed to their candidacy and doesn't in the end just a shill for one of the major party candidates as happened in NNY. (to Dem operatives, that's not a slam at Mr. Owens, its a criticism of the Hassig effort).
      In central NY , Green Party Congressional candidate Ursula Rozum ran hard on her issues, got into the debates, raised money and ran commercials and in the end garnered the most votes ever by a third party hopeful in the Syracuse district.

       Ms. Rozum can be proud of her effort in offering voters an alternative to the major parties, and for bringing forth viewpoints never heard in the mud slinging tirade that was the Maffei-Buerkle race.
       One principled stand by Green State Chair Howie Hawkins. He doesn't play the cross endorse-fusion voting peculiar to NY election law.  for more information.

Rozum happy with election performance


Idi Amin Duda said...

What about the Green Party not getting enough votes to keep them on the line. I believe they had poor numbers all over the country. Don't they have to have a certain amoount to stay? Just for Congress in this state they din't have the 5%.

Anonymous said...

I seen Donald Hassig today and told him you supported his third party run and wished him well.. I expalained to Donald he should go in person to Fort Pearl so you can congradulate him on his effort. I also encouraged him to attend more council meetings and speaK OPENLY.
The old saying what goes around may come around...

Anonymous said...

Hey, once Dede started polling below Hoffman, she WAS the third party. Then she shilled for Owens.

Anonymous said...

She's cute in an Abbie Hoffman sort of way.