Monday, November 26, 2012

Rice to meet with 3 Senate critics -

    In a move that could heal the wound over Benghazi and grease the way to Foggy Bottom,  UN Ambassador Susan Rice is meeting this week with her three harshest critics....Senators McCain, Ayotte and Graham.
    Ms. Rice will try to explain why she delivered such clearly misleading accounts of the September 11 Benghazi raid. This weekend Senator John McCain backed off a bit, saying Ms. Rice was not to blame for the accounts and that the information she got had been massaged to alter the message.
    This is a good thing as a messy confirmation fight for a new Secretary of State is hardly needed and its unclear whether Ms Rice did wrong or was just a victim of the White House PR offensive during the campaign.
Rice to meet with 3 Senate critics -


Anonymous said...

A disgusting person she is, but not as disgusting as many in this administration.

Anonymous said...

So now McCain, Ayottta, and Graham wish to meet with her. HMMM...Did the good Senators representing the Old Confederacy get caught unfairly criticizing a woman of color, only to find out public opinion was not supporting their attacks?

What next? Congressional Hearings on women's health and birth control that might actually include the opinions of some women?

Anonymous said...

Three old white Senators vs. one young black woman. That seems like a fair fight.

Jeff Graham said...

Senator Ayotte appears to be no older than Ambassador Rice. Please don't hold it against the Senator that she is white.

Anonymous said...

Only a racist misogynist would criticize a black women that waged an anti-truth propaganda campaign, purposely spinning the media at the direction of her boss. She is just like an SS Nazi and has no choice but to follow orders, even if they don't jive with her ethical compass.

RonS said...

The color of Ambassador Rice's skin means nothing to a blind person and should mean nothing to any of us. She did, however, represent an administration who provided her with faulty information. It looks like the President has an intelligence unit that is not up to standards. So what she reported is what they gave her. She is complacent, therefore guilty! What other boobs are in the administration?

Anonymous said...

“Senator Ayotte appears to be no older than Ambassador Rice. Please don't hold it against the Senator that she is white.”

And puhleeeze, whatever you do, don’t hold it against these guys for being white either…

19 White Males Chosen For All 19 House Committee Chairs:

“House Speaker John Boehner released the proposed recommendations for chairmen in 19 of the 21 House committees - powerful posts that set legislative agenda and priorities in respective issue areas - and there's not one woman or minority on the list…”

Keep in mind… this is not to say that the 19 committee chairs lack some diversity. Statistically speaking, some of them are almost certainly left-handed.


Anonymous said...

Custard’s last stand.