Monday, November 12, 2012

Rev. Al Sharpton’s meddling may push state Senate into hands of Republicans -

   It's still hard to figure out who will be running the State Senate come January, but a ham-handed move by MSNBC blow hard Al Sharpton has hurt efforts by the NYC-dominated Democratic delegation to solidify control after the elections cost the GOP their slim majority.
Shadow Senator ?

   Rev. Sharpton tried to organize a meeting of Senators in Harlem to unite them behind one person for majority leader. Why is a rabble rouzing commentator who is remembered most for the tawdry Tawana Brawley affair attempting to organize the Democratic caucus ?
     That this almost happened should give us all pause.
      Meanwhile some Democrats are already talking about organizing with the GOP and the GOP is blaming the Conservative Party for their losses over the issue of same sex marriage.
       We are going to have to follow Fred and Liz to keep tabs on this interesting battle. Too bad I am not a reporter. I'd be asking our local Senators for their perspective on this important issue.  There are three of them who represent North Country districts. They are Patty Ritchie, Betty Little and Joe Griffo.
Rev. Al Sharpton’s meddling may push state Senate into hands of Republicans -


Anonymous said...

Ham-handed, shackles the other day. Pretty soon you will be known as the Joe Biden of NNY Mr. Mayor.

RonS said...

The not so reverend Sharpie is a racist has been who, with his slick-backed hair is fading into the distance.

Anonymous said...

Sharpton is a charlatan , a buffoon who bloviates and spews as much ignorance as the Wingnut nation on the right .

He along with all extremists on either side of the spectrum do more HARM than Good and should be ignored .

Anonymous said...

I wonder what MCM thinks of this guy?? What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I hope the irrelevant mail order Rev, keeps meddling....A has been race hustler..