Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Powerball jackpot raised to $500 million

      This is more than enough to run for Congress....I could run for statewide office, but a White House bid is out of the question. $500M is really about 350 cash and after taxes probably around $250M.
        With that you could pay your bills, have fun, help some people who matter, give some to charity, do some community projects, drop ten or fifteen million on a race for Congress and still have close to $200M.
         Can you imagine going into Watertown Savings Bank and depositing a check for $250 M ?  Lavarnway and Bellinger would be taking you out to lunch everyday, and you'd probably get your own designated teller.
        Powerball is a long shot, but throwing ten bucks at it is no harm to anyone. Do it today at the Mayor's Bar !
Powerball jackpot raised to $500 million

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