Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Analysis and Hand Wringing in Full Bloom

     There were so many "takeaways" from the national race. Among them is that as much as many of us are concerned with deficits, taxes, jobs and the size and scope of government, in order to see those issues addressed you have to put up with the Todd Akins and the guy from Indiana with their social agendas.

The Losers Bow Out Gracefully, But Bow Out Nonetheless
      We see it locally where candidates felt obliged to adopt positions on abortion and gay marriage that didn't reflect the majority or their own views, but did it as part of the calculus to keep certain demographics or party line designations in tow.
      A bunch of hand wringing over "negative ads" is a little callow since it was the early and relentless characterization as being too rich and out of touch that sunk people like Mitt Romney.  Negative is here to stay.
       Another point to be made. If you don't have a year of your life and three million dollars to bring to a campaign for Congress you don't even get to play.
        Campaigns are now fully entertainment and are billion dollar reality shows that go on for months till everyone is tired of them and feels the need to condemn the process.....until it starts again, as it will soon for 2016.
President Obama's reelection: 12 takeaways - Maggie Haberman -


Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to watch the civil war that will no doubt take place with the GOP to determine how best to re craft the soul of that party . last evening undoubtedly crushed the notion that the GOP can remain viable solely by being the party of angry old rich white men and extremists of any stripe .

The Demographic wave undoubtedly and overwhelmingly is STACKED against the current make up of the GOP. Party leadership ?????? who is it now will need to craft a party that is MORE inclusive , includes the minorities and marginalizes the extremist elements . It is apparent that RUSH Limbaugh canno longer be their master strategist and that Rich white guys can't buy the election in spite of spending Billions . The demographic wave is here TO STAY and what formerly were considered minorities are NOW the majority and any party that marginalizes there concerns WIL ALWAYS LOSE

So it,ll be interesting to see if Boehner and Cantor can survive and where the NEW leadership of the GOP will come from .

Watch and learn . I , m optimistic that they will figure it out and more moderate , centrist leadership will evolve , OTHERWISE the GOP becomes a marginalize party doomed to fail

Anonymous said...

It has become pretty clear to me the boost the GOP used to get from the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck has now become an anchor weighing us ( the Gop center) down. I wish President Obama well and to be successful. America has chosen the path for the next 4 years. Plan accordingly is now the direction for my fellow business owners. Just like Walmart many will cut so we will no longer pay benefits, the Obama admin can take over that part for us and only the rich will pay (joking ) Hey it worked for GM, and the airlines.

Anonymous said...

Time for the Dems to get a couple of charismatic leaders for the House and Senate. Nancy and Harry are not seen favorably by anyone.

Time for Boehner to "man up" and take on Cantor. Stuff can get done by getting 20 moderate Republicans (out of 237)to work with the Dems. Let the Tea Party, and their leader Cantor bluster all they want. Who needs them?

Time for the Senate to MAKE the obstructionist Republicans actually filibuster bills that need to be passed (I.E. Simpson-Bowles). The country wants and needs this bipartisan bill NOW. Let THEM take the heat.

Time for Obama to grow a pair, and become a forceful and dynamic LEADER. He tried to depend on the leaders of the Congress in the last for years, and was played for a patsy by the GOP, and had weak sisters on the Dem. side.

If you disagree with any of this, then you slept through last night.

Anonymous said...

The best part of last night was watching Karl Rove on Fox News. About 11:00, Ohio was about to go to Obama, and there was Karl still trying to rent deck chairs on the sinking GOP Titanic. This might be the end of Karl as the GOP "wizard" because like in the "Wizard Of Oz" the curtain was pulled back ,and he was exposed for the swallow little man is.

If you think the Koch Brothers or Adelman, who gave tens of millions to American Crossroads are going to take any responsibility for last night, think again. Karl is on his way to Neo-Con nowhere land with Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, and Joe the plumber.

Anonymous said...

12:18: You are wrong about one thing. The Kochs, Adelman, and their like, gave Karl Rove $300,000,000!!!

If this whole thing doesn't put a knot in their knickers, nothing will.

Good Bye Karl.