Sunday, November 4, 2012

Politico: Dead Heat

   It's a jump ball heading into Tuesday. The latest Politico Battleground Poll has President Obama and Governor Romney tied at 48-48 with both candidates sharing identical positives and negative ratings as well.
    If you are sitting out on Tuesday, I can't imagine why you would be reading this blog.
   Go vote.
Presidential election polls 2012: Battleground Tracking poll: Mitt Romney, Barack Obama tied -

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Anonymous said...

How about Republican psephologist, Alex Knepper, who even says of his final 2012 prediction:

"Keep in mind as you read this post that this is a forecast. This is not what I want to happen -- it's what I think is going to happen."

Pennsylvania: The perennial GOP tease. This will mark the fourth cycle in a row in which Republican candidates make a noisy play for this state at the last minute. It will also mark the fourth cycle in a row in which said candidate comes up short. Obama +4.0.

Final Count: Barack Obama - 275, Mitt Romney - 263
National popular vote margin: Obama +2.0, 50.5%-48.5%