Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pine No More...You Can Make Your Own

   If the reported liquidation of Hostess Bakeries has you lamenting the loss of the 75 year old food icon, the Twinkie, there are alternatives including baking your own.
    Pans in the shape of the Twinkie and injection devices for the filling are available on line.
Making Your Own in a Post Twinkie World ?
        I have to suspect the more marketable confections made by Hostess will be picked up by someone else. The closing of Hostess is being debated as some blame it on unions, but maybe its just the marketplace doing its job.
       With the election over, I doubt there will be a Twinkie bailout proposed.
There is a new confection shop opening in the Paddock Arcade. Maybe the owner can start making Twinkie knock-offs. Of course the existing stockpiles of Twinkies should last for some time.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone that voted for the right person this month would blame it on the unions. But the unions could not take down these companies if it were not for the terrible totalitarian laws tying the hands of the talented managers who are charged with running these businesses.

People like Dede want to make it even worse, so the whole country can be run down the tubes like her husband's clan did to Gouvernour with the mines.

And what was her excuse? "The RINO before me was in favor of "card check" too". Well, Dede, that didn't matter then because we didn't have a POTUS that was stupid enough to sign off on that we do...we don't want you.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting name, cream canoe. And hurry, at 9:15AM only one left in stock..