Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paula Found With Glass of Wine in Hand, As Country Gets a Look at World of DC's Military/Political Elite

       America's Mistress is laying low in DC at her brother's house where photographers  were taking pictures of her through windows. One presumes she knew as she sipped a glass of wine with a rattled look on her face. Paula Broadwell is a celebrity now. The 40 year old temptress is also a wife and mother of two, but all of that is likely left behind in NC.
      Ms. Broadwell is used to time away from home, what with all her jetting around with the General.
       All the hand wringers keep talking about what a tragedy this is and what a great person General David Petraeus is.  "Psycho bitch" is the usual moniker for the woman in this situation.
        Did it ever occur to those blaming the woman that maybe the General is not a great man, but just another egotist bloated by the adulation and deference military "heroes" are afforded ? Then there's the other viewpoint that whate someone does on their own time is there own business, except that so much of this affair was on the public dime from stateside to Afghanistan to a recent trip to Paris.
        Too bad we didn't know all this a month ago, so we could have talked more about Benghazi. Now all we get are the salacious details of the decadence in the highest ranks of America's leadership.

Paula Broadwell photos: David Petraeus' mistress discovered lying low in DC | Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Yawn...this isn't going to affect my free $tuff is it?

Anonymous said...

Just another sleaze ball with some tin and ribbon on his chest who has no judgement and or ethics !

The military needs to sharpen up its screening process, it is amazing that this guy got where he did and is testimony to the fact that the good ole boy system is rotten to the core .

e marries the West Point supt daughter to move his sorry rear end ahead then screws up with some idiot bimbo half his age and then he's sorry .....REALLY ??? Sorry for what that he got caught ??? Then tin horn number 2 gets caught with 30,000' emails to another bimbo ???

You can't make this stuff up ...... AND these two got to the top,of the military heap??? MY god talk about an organization that needs to CLEAN HOUSE !!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the "Bimbo" get canned as well. She did the horizontal mambo with the General! Willingly!

Anonymous said...

This guy never should have been in that position at ALL if he was a leader and a dresponsible individual with sound judgement but as we all now know , HE. IS NOTHING BUT A Sleeze that NEVER should have been in ANY position of authority much less one that speaks of Honor, Valor , Ethics Codes etc etc.

The real shame here is it unfairly besmirches the image of untold numbers of fine men and women in the military who sacrifice daily for those of us who call America our home. Those good people were let down by their leadership .They will recover , no doubt but frankly this entire episode is incredulous to illustrate just how ethically bankrupt this top brass was /is and THAT needs to CHANGE. Fast !