Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Time Visitor to the Wench and Fort Pearl on TV Tonight With Lifetime Movie

        Tonight at ten on Lifetime, former madam and likely 2013 mayoral hopeful Kristen Davis is featured in a movie about her life...The ups and downs of her life would make for a good movie.
         She is smart and resourceful but pursued ends at odds with convention. It landed her in jail, but she seems to be doing fine now living in Manhattan as a socialite/libertarian.
         That whole 2010 gubernatorial run was interesting, especially meeting Roger Stone and getting the inside story on stuff you read about in tabloids.
                                           Kristen Davis During October 2010
                                               Visit to Fort Pearl Tavern
                                         With Albany Icon Fred Dicker at Capitol
      I will be interested to see how the movie turns out, if I can figure out where Lifetime is on Time Warner.
Former Manhattan madam Kristen Davis on 'My Life is a Lifetime Movie' - Riverside Soap Opera |


Anonymous said...

Fred Dicker??? YGTBK!!!

Ray said...

You need to have her come back one day. She was a very nice lady. I hug her picture every day at home. Have it framed.