Saturday, November 24, 2012

Obama's NYC Vote Shows How Unwinnable NY is for the GOP

       A tally of votes in NYC shows President Obama carried the Big Apple with 81% of the vote and actually scored 100% in several election districts.
      Traditionally, Republicans lose the City in hopes of making it up on Long Island and upstate. Even though, a GOP candidate needs to get in the 30s to have even a shot at that...Scoring in the teens in the City's diverse populace is indicative of the problems Republicans have in forming a governing majority.
      Mitt Romney's only highlights were the Brooklyn districts where Orthodox Jews vote, and he did tie the President in the ED where Donald Trump lives. The Bronx was over 90% Obama and the President carried usually GOP Staten Island.
      Meanwhile upstate Mr Obama was also winning supposed GOP strongholds.
Inside Obama's New York win -


Anonymous said...

The left has ruined another perfectly good word. Today the place that votes 90% for the same guy is called diverse. But here, where half of us vote for free$uff and the other half vote to be governed in a more adult manner, we are actually more diverse-est-er...politically.

Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone watch the opening scenes of the movie The Great McGinty

The fraud in this election was shameless. Can anyone believe that Romney received 3 million fewer votes than McCain, when huge numbers of people were attending his rallies in swing states. At the same time Obama was having trouble getting anyone to come hear him speak. The republican base was motivated to come out and vote, but the count does not reflect that.

There are questions about this election that are not being asked and will never be asked. Elections have been stolen in the past, but with enough finesse to offer cover for those of us who like to believe we have a say in who we elect to office. There was no finesse here. The fraud was blatant. An in your face message that we can not ignore. We need real election reform not electronic voting machines that record votes for unintended candidates. We need voter ID laws and public counting of paper ballots and we have to stop disenfranchising our military. All the dirty tricks can't be stopped. Lawyers will always muddy up the works, but I want to go back to believing that we have fair elections.

ray lear said...

You don't get it sir/miss. The big Fox News told the big GOP to stay home. The election was bought and paid for, don't worry. So a big number of the GOP stayed home and didn't vote. BUT, the other side told the truth. It isn't in the bag. Get yourself in and vote. You see the rest. They took it from their own hands.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sure let us not forget how the hanging chad election was stolen too and how about Ronny the deaf cowpoke cooking the behind the scenes deal to scam us onthe release of the hostages back when .. Ooh yeah this current version of repugnican outrage and insight is fair and unbiased wink wink wink !

Put a sock in it , you cry asses lost and will continue to lose in the future until you abandon Wingnut Nation , Limburger , Hannity and the two crazy blonde harpies and move toward the center .

Until then you Repugnicans are TOAST , your demographic is sinking faster then a millstone in the ocean . Ta Ta. , run along now and have a nice day .

Anonymous said...

Danny is right...the demographic of responsible contributing citizens is sinking faster than a millstone in the ocean. (is that a saying?)

Anonymous said...

The only thing “sinking faster than a millstone in the ocean”, is the Republican Party’s average IQ. (Is that a meme?)

Anonymous said...

11:16 That is an interesting observation. Yes it is a meme. One that you cannot back up with data.

Obama got the lions share of votes from those with less than GED or HS diploma.
And Mittens got the lions share of those who actually graduated college.

Obama barely won the graduate degree demographic. Factor out the trial lawyers and teachers union and Mittens would have 90% of that vote too.

Anonymous said...

Pravda just stated that we have just re-elected a Lenin/Stalinist who is leading us into economic collapse, while Putin is following the Reagan economic model and moving Russia toward economic prosperity. They attributed this to an uneducated electorate.

Everyone is trying to rationalize the unlikely outcome of this election. I will continue to attribute it to election fraud. The Republican base was motivated. The democratic base was not. Obama received far fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008. He slipped to 93% of the Black vote nationally.This makes 100% turnout in certain districts even more suspicious. Republican women supposedly turned out for Obama. I have not heard from any that have claimed to have done so and do not believe that they would buy the outlandish lies being spread about Romney.

The demographics are changing, but as 2012 there are not enough legal votes to swing this election.

Some establishment republicans may have helped behind the scenes, but with such stealth that it is not readily detectable. If you believe that Romney still controls Bain Capital, then the fact that it owns most of the conservative talk radio shows outright and those they don't own play on their Clear Channels radio network should ensure that anti-Romney bias is minimal. As would the fact that Bain also has large financial holdings in the Fox media empire.

Watch the opening scenes from "The Great McGinty" This election was stolen.