Runner Up in Mid-1980s Mr. Pub Contest Turns Sixty

Runner Up in Mid-1980s Mr. Pub Contest Turns Sixty
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Tears Up in Last Speech

     President Obama shed a tear last night in Ohio as he made his last political campaign speech of his career and headed to Chicago to await the jurors verdict on his Presidency.

     The Obama campaign continues to insist the election is there's, but many analysts have a different view with Governor Mitt Romney running neck and neck in state's like PA which were not thought to be in play.
      An Obama win will be narrow if it happens and we will have four years like the last four.
US Presidential Election 2012: Obama wipes away a tear in Ohio as he gives last speech of campaigning career | Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Actually, an Obama win would be ten times worse than the last four years. As much as a leftest that he has been, he was still holding off some so he could win a second term. as he told Putin...after the election is over he will be free to be even more of an extremist anti-Americanism jerk.

Anonymous said...

Tears worked for Hillary when she was running behind Obama. But she is a chick!

I wonder if Obama shed any tears for those patriots in Benghazi that he deemed expendable? Or are his tears reserved for when he thinks he is losing his power?

Idi Amin Duda said...

The problem you have 7:42 is you don't see him as what he is, a man.

Dan Francis said...

Keep up the fear factor: Fear does sell, but funny it seldom happens the way the fear-mongers predict.

Anonymous said...

“The problem you have 7:42 is you don't see him as what he is, a man.”

Neither does the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Aww cmon man..give me a Teddy Roosevelt,no crying allowed in baseball!!Crying because you might get kicked out of office?Oh whahh.. Can Romney be a tough smart president?Appears,we will see..

Anonymous said...

7:2PM, Obama would have to cry every day for the next year just to catch up with John “Blat Baby” Boehner… your point?

Anonymous said...

Don't like the Boner either 1004,my point,where are the tough crusty old politicians today?