Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NY 21 Likely to Go to Paper, as Owens Leads by 4K

     As the vote count drones on in the Congressional race, Matt Doheny and Rep. Bill Owens are near even and its clear no one will be conceding tonight and the roughly 20,000 paper ballots will come into play. Mr. Owens does have a roughly four thousand vote lead with 90% of precincts reporting.

Matt Doheny's Mother Kaye Watches Returns at the Italian American Club
     The Doheny campaign has said it worked hard on courting the absentees and that 50% of the ballots are registered Republicans compared to 30% registered Democrats.
If party labels hold the paper trail could yield a modest plurality for Mr. Doheny.
     This race will go on a while longer and we wait to see the final machine totals tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I am betting Owens will end the night up by about 6000 votes. If that's the case, even with the republican advantage in the absentees, Doheny would have to get almost all of the 20% that aren't registered as a repub or dem, assuming the others vote pretty much along party lines. It's possible, but very unlikely. This, of course, is only e case if my 6k vote lead comes to fruition.