Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Powerball winners; jackpot for next drawing at $425M -

    I supposed you want to win the Powerball Lottery prior to the expiration of the "Bush Tax Cuts."
    With no winner last night, the multi-state lottery balloons to a $425M "jackpot", which is really a cash value prize of $278M. That number is then subject to taxes.
     So you might clear $175M.

     Let's off out my Mom and well as a few friends...
Help out the Urban Mission and the Salvation Army.....Leverage some community projects I am interested in like the Library, the Arena, Woolworth Building, Sewall's Island...
     A sensible person could do a lot of good, live well, invest prudently and still have enough cash on hand to keep living well and doing good for years to come.
      But first you have to buy a ticket which are on sale at Fort Pearl Tavern on Pearl Street.

No Powerball winners; jackpot for next drawing at $425M -


Anonymous said...

I'd pay to have Masonic Bldg done.

BG said...

re: "help out my Mom and brother". Funny - that was on my list of what to do if I won the Powerball too!

I have already bought a few tickets for the next drawing.