Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NNY Politics About to Be Sleepy Again

    One of the asides in this year's Democratic wins is the possible taking control of the State Senate. The NY Times says Dems will be in charge and if it holds up that leaves the GOP firmly on the sidelines of NY politics, especially since its unclear the party will have an opponent in the 2014 race for governor.
      The party lost the House seat in Syracuse as Dan Maffei got back in and in NNY the party only could take solace in the personal popularity of Patty Ritchie who easily won reelection with 70%.
      Throughout the campaign, Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny insisted the North Country would return to the mean by reflexively voting Republican, but despite a ton of money, organization and very hard work the needle didn't budge and people opted for the middle of the road Democrat for the third time in three years.
       There will be no serious opponent to Rep. Owens in 2014.
        These long campaigns rub us all raw as we get so worked up over races and tactics.  It's all over and time to amuse ourselves with other things, like earning a living and leading our lives.
         Northern NY has become acquainted with how politics is across the country, but I don't see another big money race up here for some time to come and after a spate of harsh competition starting with the Aubertine/Barclay race in 2008, nobody will have the resources or inclination to go through it all again.

Election Day 2012: Democrats to recapture New York State Senate - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Owens voted for Obamacare which is anything but middle of the road. If you cannot see the giant centralized takeover of our healthcare system as far left then maybe you could see the price tag as far left?

That is what rubs us raw. Elections are no longer about existing stem cells verse new stem cells, or other inconsequential "issues". Today elections are about far-reaching fundamental changes in how much our daily lives are effected by government in Albany and DC. And about spending 10 times as much money as we used to. Even though we spent too much money before, it is no excuse to spend 10 times faster.

Anonymous said...

And Patty Plate will become even more irrelevant - if tha'ts even possible.

Anonymous said...

There could be a serious contender for the district if people would see past the Doheny money and sideshow by his preppies and get serious behind a man of Doug Hoffmans ability. Hes a sincere man a honest man and a worthy man, credentials that Doheny lacked and will never have. I only fear people like Hoffman probably say adios to the Republican party or I should say whats left of it and its moral standards.. Your right mayor saying if y9u dont have lots of money your not a player.. Look at Doheny, people seen through his money and how he earned it and scorned him once again... Oh I dont believe he for one minute is done with politics.. His ego is too big for that.. If he was sincere in what he says (when running for office) people might look at him in the future.. He should try and help people rather than buying people, the wrong ones and using them to gain his fame...
A man with 26 to thirty five million dollars at his disposal could do a lot of good for pepole in the North Country but hes yet to show he really is interested in us.. Rather is interests seem to be in investments and making more money for himself and his banker friends on Wall St...

Idi Amin Duda said...

Matt made three key no-no moves that brought him down.

Number one. Having a very expensive wedding in the middle of this all. He looked like a rich guy and smelled like one too. Bad move.

Number two. He opened his mouth and said he was going after drug tests. Big pile of poop there. not a smart move at all.

Number three. He should have asked good old Doug H. to go away months ago. He took away the votes that Matt needed to win. He ended out making himself into a spoiler.

Anonymous said...

If Patty Richie had a serious challenger, she would be gone also. Once services are cut in St. Lawrence County because of the lack of easy sales tax revenue, and the pols start taking heat, the fingers are going to start pointing at Patty.
Grover Norquist will not be around to save her from this one. She dropped the ball, and has skated from it so far, but time is not on her side.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patty can you hear it? Tick. Tick. Tick. The Democrats are coming.

Anonymous said...

Why the "IF IT HOLDS UP" in bold type? Are you trying to imply that the absentee ballots,still waiting to be counted will make a difference? I sure wouldn't know,though probably most of those are military guys,most of whom vote R in my experience.I just hope it is over,for good,and on to the next election hopefully in ten or twelve years..