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Local Women Take to the Poles on State Street
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Middle Class Mike....Gun for Hire ?

    Middle Class Mike....aka Michael Flynn....is the ultimate politico...
     He is a participant in the political dialogue of the North Country from Glens Falls to Watertown and he claims to be responsible for Rep. Bill Owens two point win over Matt Doheny...
      MCM  never missed a chance to stick it to Matt and Mr. Flynn says the Congressman is most appreciative of his contributions.
       Mike is a diligent warrior for his candidate of the moment. He once wanted to work for the Doheny campaign in 2010.
     As for his allegiance to Mr Owens ? I asked Mike today how he thought I would do in such a race with MCM running my campaign.
     Without hesitation, Mike said , "you'd win."
      That's pure politics at work...


Anonymous said...

Mike didn't just win the election for Owens...he won the election for Obama too. Not just in our district but in the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

This guys lack of any clue continues to amaze me.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Thks for the plug Mayor, but as you know I've never expressed one word of arrogance about Congressman Owens re-election. I've merely stated a played a part in carrying his message and I believe I was quite effective in doing so in any event. The other side just has a tough time with an analyst that was able to back up every claim he made and I can't feel bad about that can I?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

A five minute listen to MCM and and it becomes obvious why he is unemployable.

Anonymous said...

Mike is not unemployable.
I bet he could sell mattresses or insurance.
I mean if he were ever inclined to get a job, of course.

Roosters make the sun rise.
And Mikey made people that vote for free$tuff, vote for free$tuff.

Anonymous said...

The Red neck slander mill hates MCM, because he told them to go sit in the corner. What do they know about the guy, evidently nothing if you read the garbage on this page. He's the only reason I listened to 'Hotline' this campaign.

Mike predicted wins for Obama, and that he would win NNY. Mike said Doheny would lose by a few percentage points. When no one else even had a take on the Ritchie/Tresidder race he predicted a 70-30 outcome. Now they can't hate him for being right about what he's talking about, so they attack him with all this other crap that is nothing but lies and slander. Screw them MCM and keep calling them the way you see them. No one else is in this town.

Tired of Stupidity