Monday, November 26, 2012

Medical Pot Fans Tout Quick Cash to Albany as Rationale for Their Habit

    On the issue of marijuana, while two states have essentially made recreational use legal, there are 18 states allowing medical marijuana which is basicly a way for the camel to get its nose under tent in a different way.
    Lobbying is on in Albany for that to happen here, and while no North Country lawmaker would ever publicly support it, the issue may find a way to passage just like same sex marriage.
    The current rationale is that it would be a revenue stream, always a way to the heart of pols anxious to keep up spending while not having to raise more obvious taxes.
      Of course lots of things seen as sinful are allowed as long as the price is right.
       The largest recent example of that is gambling, where just about anything goes as long as Albany has a hand in the till.
Medical marijuana proponents in New York renew push for legalization - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Seems to be a chronic debate in Albany.

Anonymous said...

This is a hard spot for the democrats to be in. On the one hand they want to appease the users which is their voting base. On the other hand they don't want to offend those who make money off it being illegal...which is their voting base of overpaid law enforcement as well as illegal alien drug cartels and inner city jobless "youths".