Thursday, November 22, 2012

Martin Obit Featured in Washington Post

      The late former Congressman David Martin got a nice write-up on the obit page of the Washington Post.
      The papers cites his strong advocacy for expansion at Fort Drum and his willingness to leave office when he had enought serving as highlights of his career.
      That about sums it up as those are the things I remember most from his 12 year career in the House.
David O’B. Martin, former U.S. House member from New York, dies at 68 - The Washington Post

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Anonymous said...

I read a remark in a previous blog and I want to tell everyone that was the way David Martin lived his life.. He represented us with his heart. He listened to his constituants and tried to help them, democrat or Republican..
Unlike the republican canidate for the job mr Doheny , mr Martin tried to honestly help people not buy them... There was nothing phony about him.. Our State Senator Patricia Ritchie should try and follow his example and help people instead of posing and having stories written aobut her and interacting with the Staten Island crowd when working.. I assume she will pay her respects with her press corps in hand..
Mr Martin was a great person with a big heart that did us all a great service.. God bless you and may you rest in peace Sir....