Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lots of City Stuff on a Thursday Night

      Another busy night at the Fairgrounds Arena tonight as the Privateers continue to draw good crowds and residents find pro sports to their liking.
      Tonight we honored the Parks and Recreation staff by presenting Superintendent Erin Gardner with a hand-crafted wood adornment holding the first puck dropped by yours truly at the opening game on October 26.
Where's Amy Poehler ?  Parks Staff Feted at Arena

       A year ago we had no idea the city would be hosted a pro hockey team and the P&R staff has done a great job working the Privateers in to all the other activities at the Fairgrounds.
      Also tonight I attended a meeting of the Thompson Park Conservancy. It was  nice to meet the stewards of the Zoo and talk about their plans.
      As an aside, there is a Red Cross blood drive tomorrow at City Hall in the Council Chambers.


Anonymous said...

Jeff what do u think about Aubertines kid getting beat by absentees up in Cape Vincent? Seems a little sketchy if you ask me. I wish he would have won, the thought of another Aubertine getting involved in NC politics probably scares thehell out of Republicans.

Anonymous said...

AJR brother got beat in Philly, now thats scary, Dad's still on the school board, more wasted $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

The thought of Aubertine getting elected would scare people that care about preserving the beauty of the waterfront...the only recourse the Cape has.