Monday, November 5, 2012

Library Sunday Hours Draw Big Crowds

   When you watch the news tonight , the lead will be that City Council approved a crow dispersal contract, just as we do every year.....
    My lead from the meeting was a report from the Flower Library director that the use of the Library on Sundays is brisk. Over 170 the first week of the trial program and over 400 the next week when a book sale was held. Tables were full, and computers were being used.
    This was something I had advocated strongly and it's heartening to see this jewel of the City being used more fully.
     Kudos to the Director and the City Manager for setting up the trial program and I hope the Council continues to support this initiative.
     Oh, on the crows the contract passed 5-0 although I voted against the amendment to allow shooting of the crows.

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Anonymous said...

So we can shoot them?