Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lawn Signs Report to Landfill....Politics Gives Way to Santa

       With lawn signs giving way to Christmas decorations, it's time to sort out the winners and losers of this year's elections.
        Among the winners is Rep. Bill Owens, who for the third time beat back the GOP and now knows there is no one who has the time, money or inclination. to challenge him in 2014 or beyond.
        Senator Patty Ritchie's 70% win for a second term against a credible opponent cannot be ignored. While the Senator was winning, President Obama was carrying large portions of her district. Running better than 20 points ahead of her party's standard bearer is testimony to her pull at the polls.
        Assemblymembers Russell and Blankenbush were unopposed and are now fixtures, not to be challenged in any serious way.
        Senator Gillibrand is a big winner gaining national attention for her crushing win and Governor Cuomo is a winner as he gets to play like a cat with a toy with the Legislature weakened by a Senate on the bubble and likely to be ruled by a bipartisan coalition.
Former Senator Wright Prepares Burial for Thousands of Signs at
the Regional Landfill in Rodman
       Among the losers of 2012, Matt Doheny suffered the most ignominious defeat, spending millions on a second major bid for Congress only to come up a couple of points short.  While he can still be a behind-the-scenes player in local politics, he needs a Churchillian stint in the wilderness before trying again. Good news is at his age there is plenty of time for a bid later. Even if he waits out Mr. Owens, Doheny will be only about 50.
        On the operative side, June O'Neill was once again a winner as was Middle Class Mike who despite his churlish ways did pick the winners. Republicans locally and nationally are proving that the tenets they run on combined with the demographics they attract leave them at best in the mid to high forties in a competitive race. Former Times scribe Jude Seymour gambled on leaving journalism for politics and didn't find the promised land , but he has been blessed with a new son and a wife who is a teacher.
        In media, the blogs continue to be a source of information and entertainment for the political class. The MSM provided spotty coverage in part because some in management jobs believe in their heart of hearts that politics is not news worth covering.  In the printosphere, the Times has lost their political reporter and Newzjunky lost its prime reporter as well.
         Here in Watertown, we landed a pro hockey team and welcomed a new city manager who is doing a great job.
         The year ahead bring local elections  with few contests expected and City Council members widely assumed to be unopposed as they were in 2011.
          As we close the book on the 2012 season, the biggest conclusion one can reach is that nationally and locally a lot of money gets spent to achieve the same results as last time.


Anonymous said...

So are you saying Doheny is a liar.. I seem to remember his quote that this was it in politics.. You predict he will try to buy his way into another political job... May I suggest Mayor of Watertown

Anonymous said...

The biggest loser is the country/district/state/citizens.

Second biggest loser is Cuomo. Without the left leaning republican control of the senate, Cuomo has no filter to keep him from doing things to ruin his one in a million shot at the White House.

And the question still remains if the democrats will get blamed for the looming recession about to fall on our heads, or if Bush will get the blame.

In the case of Greece, the worst things got the more they stuck to their guns and would not give in. It was not until no one would lend them another penny that they finally accepted austerity.

Anonymous said...

Yup... Life is funny. The old saying the creame has a way to come to the top has much more meaning now dosnt it... Money and the wanting of power dosnt always work.. In the case of Doheny it was strictly a power prestige thing and this want combined with his money gave him the false sence of security that he could buy our votes.. In the end honesty, honor and integrity won over money and deceipt...

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

When it comes to ‘Churlish’ you wrote the book Mayor:

Mr. Mayor: “Middle Class Mike was a winner “Despite his Churlish ways?” Jeff I’m glad I have a sense of humor and feel no need to point out the obvious cesspool you and your cohort’s habitat in daily. On this blog the campaign to defame and through mud on me was at its lowest on Curry’s site, you became part of that effort for months. Are you proud? I proudly support Unionism, but I am not an ‘Acorn’ operative. No I was never on ‘welfare’ and have paid all my taxes and not taken a thing from anyone. I own my own home and pay a rather hefty property tax bill to support a decent school system that’s not undermined by teacher haters like yourself and local supporters in Watertown.

In the end it was like shooting ducks in a barrel, you and supporters kept tripping over your need to engage in self-promotion, while at the same time mortally wounding Matt Doheny’s chances. After all Jeff you are a man of flawed character, linked with a candidate of flawed character, and that was a very helpful thing to have going for the Democrats this election. Jeff since when did you stick your nose up at hard work and dedication in promoting a candidate? It sounds like sour grapes to me. It was our Platform and intelligence, and adopting a spot on viable message for the Middle Class voters that beat you this election my friend. And that political savvy was coupled with good old laser like focus, enabling us to stay on message, while you and others remained rather confused in just about every important way imanaginable.

Tongue and cheek aside, I hope we remain friends,

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

The new Republicans are no longer signing on with Grover Norquist. I know you think Patty is golden, but I wouldn't bet my last dollar on her.

She tanked The Big County by joining on with Grover, and when the folks around Ogdensburg realize the county services they have always depended on are gone, they will be looking for someone to blame.

BTW, no politician in the county is ready to take a bullet for her, because they REALLY abandoned them for Grover.

Anonymous said...

Amy was credible but she didnt have the rescources that Ritchie had available.. That makes you credible and only that in todays market..
Politicans should hang ther heads in disgrace when we have the poverty strickened, homeless everywhere, unemployed everywhere and they spend billions to get elected.. To me thats a sign of a sick society.. What made it sicker was that Doheny wanted to take away from those people and not the rich.

Anonymous said...

Amy didn't even use the easy cheap free resources she had available.