Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lack of Luminaries Noted in NY 21 Race

     The Congressional hopefuls are all over the sprawling 21st District this weekend in a frantic effort to eke out a win in what observers now say is a neck and neck race between Rep. Bill Owens and challenger Matt Doheny.
       What has been missing in this race is celebrity star power. Unlike previous races where Bill Clinton or Joe Biden visited, this year the ranking political celebrity has been House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, although there is a rumor of a GOP luminary visiting today.

Matt Doheny With Sen. Betty Little on Friday in Glens Falls
      President Clinton visited the nearby Syracuse CD a couple weeks back. For much of the race, Rep. Owens had been thought to be cruising to reelection, till a recent Siena poll showed the race a tie.
       Democrats huddle tonight in Watertown for a dinner at which Mr. Owens will be joined by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner.
Congressional candidates make final push


Anonymous said...

Chuck Kelly the forever editor of Johnson Newspaper in Ogdensburg has endorsed Mr. Owens and Ms Ritchie.. That seems like a likeable team for us in the Northern most Counties of this state. Again Mr Dohenys crediblity has come into question and his ability to relate to us in the North Country..
Mrs Ritchie has earned our support for one more term and must be much much more sucessful than her first two years. Unlke Doheny Ms Ritchie has attempted to touch the people in the North Country while Doheny seems geared to help Wall St and the banks and insurance companies more...
I like what Ritchie represents but she is wrong dead wrong in her endorsement of Doheny.. However we all know she must bow to the parties will in this case....

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Congressman Bill Owens worked a lifetime for NNyers to gain success:

Service to your Country is a minor point according to some, but to others an important indicator of the difference between Bill Owens, and Matt Doheny. Bill Owens served his country by joining the Military, before going for all the money he might earn in private life. Matt Doheny never seemed to find the time to join the service, true he earned a lot of money on Wall Street, but that falls short up here to what Rep. Bill Owens and other veterans gave of themselves to their nation. In this District, service matters, in the special way that comes from understanding the sacrifice it entails, and by knowing so many soldiers back from Iraq and Afganistan. They have families and children that need them, but they risk everything to ensure all our safety. I think people who serve are special, and I want to thank all of them for their service to our Country. I want to thank Congressman Bill Owens for taking the longer harder route to success, by way of helping build our communities in NNY and not just working quick money scams on Wall Street to achieve success in 5 yrs. but instead taking a life time to earn it while he helped NNYers.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Wow Doheny sure saved the biggest, brightest star for last. I just heard George Pataki will be campaigning for him. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mikey you are so full of BS your eyes are brown.
If Owens didn’t go to college he would have been drafted and sent to Vietnam like all his schoolmates were. If he were smart enough to get good grades he could have gotten scholarships to law school instead of having uncle Sam pay his way.
And since he was a commissioned JAG, he never had a hair on his head in harms way.

Instead he spent his bureaucratic career doing what Kevin Bacon did in A Few Good Men. which was basically railroading privates for doing what their superior officers ordered them to do.

His military career fit his personality perfectly...never being in harsm way but still having someone telling him what to do everyday...just like Nancy Pelosi does in his current job.

How dare you compare Owens service to that of a real military member? Owens never risked his life for his country and never had the slightest risk of being asked to. Layers do not die from paper cuts. You and your party loved to accuse Bush of taking the easy way out when he joined the reserves. You and Dan Rather even fabricated fake letters to pretend Bush never showed up for duty. But at least Bush actually put his life on the line when he chose to be a pilot with the real risk of being deployed somewhere dangerous, instead of shuffling papers on an obsolete air force base for an entire career.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

ANON 1:44

That's not what they said when George W's service record came up. Congressman Owens gave decades of service to our Country, and was ready to go like any other reservist would and does. Get real and get informed. Matt Doheny never served his Country and that's a fact that your silly banter can't hide.