Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Klein Wants To Have A ‘Major Role’ On Issues

   If Republicans control the State Senate with the help of the Independent Democratic Caucus, it will be a GOP Senate in name only.
   IDC leader, Sen. Jeff Klein, says he wants a major role in legislating and he wants to use his leverage to pass a wage hike, pass campaign finance reform and new legislation on reproductive rights.
   Dean Skelos may get to play majority leader on TV, but he will not control events, especially in a state where demographics suggest the GOP is listing to port.
Klein Wants To Have A ‘Major Role’ On Issues


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Klein betrayal has many guises:

but under the makeup lays the stark truth that he has sold out any of the voters in NYS, who pulled a Democratic lever in all the NY State Senate races. He talks of all the wonderful things his IDC Coalition will be able to influence, but the truth is a Democratic Speaker would have gotten them anyway, because Gov. Cuomo leadership would have accomplished the same end -- passing Democratic inspired Bills in the Senate and Assembly. He has usurped the voters of the State and what they voted for and now will ultimately forfeit any creditability he might have had this session.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

MCM I thought you were for the moderate little guy? Sounds like extreme liberal ideology is the only thing to pass your muster. The results of the election said we don't want any of your ideology or the extreme conservative. Dems and Republicans both out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Klein and Valesky... too bad Aubertine isn't still in the Senate, he would be the leader of the IDC and when the dust settles probably majority leader of a bi partisan conference. Instead we have the afterthought PattyPlate looking out for us.