Wednesday, November 7, 2012

June On Her High Horse in Celebrating Win

   I see my old friend June O'Neill has chimed in on the NY 21 races in which her hand picked candidate from 2009 has once again defended his seat against a tough challenge.
   June says the win shows the North Country cannot be bought by "anonymous donors  and super PACS."
    Oh, June, you are so on-point.
     Yes the Doheny campaign was well funded, self funded, and super PAC funded....But let's not make it sound that North Country Democrats are the 'little engine that could.'
      Fact is everybody is into big money from sources voters don't know anything about.
When the Siena poll showed the race close, Dems opened a checkbook and bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in late advertising.

    I don't think June wants to tell us where all that money came from....
    Funding campaigns has come a long way June from when I struggled to give you a hundred bucks for your Assembly bid a couple of decades ago.   
Owens wins NY21 after tough race | NCPR News


Anonymous said...

Of course the North Country cannot be bought by "anonymous donors and super PACS."
They are bought with free$hit instead.
Se don't care if albany tells us what we have to pay our flagmen or how big our jail cells need to be. We don't care if they tell us we have to pay CODES students the prevailing wage for any training they receive on an actual job site. We don't care if Albany takes over the approval process for giant industrious windmills on our most precocious waterfront.

We just want free stuff.

Anonymous said...

724.. Do yu refuse free stuff.. I doubt it...
June is right in crowing alittle.. Doheny third attempt to buy fame failed because taxpayers and voters put two and two together and came up with Owens.. He Doheny had kept his hand off that womans ass in Wasshington and not made a ass of himself, then let Jude Seymour give a stupid snswer to the event it might have made a small difference but the bottom line was, integrity, honesty and values.. We voted for them in Bill Owens..

Anonymous said...

10:13- I agree, I think that little "slip" in DC sealed Doheny's fate, especially after the dumb press release response with commentary from Jude and Mary. If none of that had happened I would be willing to bet we would have a Republican congressman being sworn in in January.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Republican Platform Fire sale must end:

and the Republican Party rebuild has to publicly acknowledge what people like myself understood, that to retain major party status it must have a full political spectrum represented in the Platform it runs on. It was a major turn-off to many voters like me to suffer the slings and arrows of the Tea Party, who questioned our adulthood and mental stability. They can never be allowed to hold the Republican Party hostage to their ridiculous dogma and deep pockets.
The PAC money has to be recognized as a double edge sword, or understood when donated not to have strings attached to it that hold the Party Platform hostage to rich right wing donors. This election was a clear repudiation of the tactics of the Koch bros. and others of their ilk.

Unfortunately it was the first skirmish in a long political war that this country now will wage between those who want a viable Middle Class and the work force they are part of, and those who want to break the ability of workers to earn Middle Class level wages in America.

The outcome is still uncertain, but Politicians who fight against the right of workers to organize and engage in collective bargaining, had better not run for the Presidency expecting to win the Oval Office. This election was a mandate for workers to gain a decent living wage and if you don't understand that you really can't understand why Pres. Obama was able to win re-election. The spinners are here to stay, but "we hold these truths to be self-evident .... Americans have a right to a decent standard of living and that's worth fighting for in future elections."

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

June - We are all not that ignorant! In fact, your statement is an insult to our intelligence. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see who the donors are to the multi-millionaire Congressman Owens? How much money did the Unions pile into his campaign? Huh June??? What a phoney...

Anonymous said...

Not sure what planet 2:57 is from but all the donors will be disclosed on the candidates financial forms which are available online. All except for the corporations that hide behind the SUPER Pacs which don't have to disclose anything so what we'll never know is how much negative advertising Karl Rove and his like minded crowd did spend for Doheny.

Anonymous said...

The truth is we have Doug Hoffman and Mike Long to blame for this. Had they left well enough alone, Scozzafava would be representing us now. She was a good Republican in the vein of a McEwen, a Martin and a McHugh. Those two outsider, candy-ass, holier than thou types cost the Republicans that seat. That is fact. It is small consolation that the Tea Party is now in decline. They have already done their damage here.

Anonymous said...

10:13, I turn down free stuff all the time. Refuse to use coupons. Never applied for my STAR rebate. Won't join coffee clubs or sub clubs or milk clubs. Won't take a Panera bread card.

I could have collected unemployment for a couple weeks but never applied.

I don't keep my meal receipts and write off my meals, even though I could.

Why would you ask if I turn down free stuff? Did you have a point?