Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Some Districts You Can Get Away With Anything

   While some good and talented people struggle to get elected and often are disappointed, others find winning easy no matter what they are up to.
    Cases in point, Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson Junior who won while attending the Mayo Clinic for a little rehab and treatment for psychiatric issues. Then there is New York's groping Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who won reelection on Tuesday with over 90% of the vote, meaning his numbers among women must have been incredibly strong.
      Mr. Lopez is actually considering a run next year for a City Council seat, which in NYC pays more than an Assemblyman.
       I'll betch he wins it.
Vito Lopez hints this may be his last term in the state Assembly -

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Anonymous said...

No wonder this country is going to hell with these idiot politicians. Mandatory psychiatric testing before someones name goes on the ballot. Probably wouldn't work anyway, they'd just pay off a shrink.