Sunday, November 4, 2012

In An Everybody for Themselves World, Parties Pay Lip Service to Team Approach

   Local Republicans are trying to be team players with a weekend full color mailer touting Senator Ritchie and Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny as the new "North Country Republican Team."
   Included in the photo is former Congressman Dave Martin, who was dusted off for the photo op. When I saw Dave I started getting misty over the 80s when we all had so many great times.
    Dems are trying the same. Senate underdog Amy Tresidder is on air pledging to work with Bill Owens and Dan Maffei (both are in neck and neck races in their districts). She also appears with Assemblyman Addie Russell.  Amy and Addie actually speak in harmony their desire to work together.
     Ms. Russell, who is running unopposed, has become the skunk at the GOP picnic.


Anonymous said...

Whats AJR done anyway? For the district? For the County? For the village where she lives?

Anonymous said...

The "team" approach over the last 40 years is precisely why this country is 16 trillion in debt! Spending within ours means doesn't take "comprimise and a team" approach, it takes INTELLIGENCE! and the willingness to say, NO! WE cannot afford that! Intelligence seems to be in very short supply in political circles these days.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the previous comment . What our politicians represent is " pooled ignorance " rather than backbone when they speak of TEAM .

that is a total cop out for failure to have the intestinal fortitude to both say not only no but he'll no to the endless slide into debt and , bailouts and failed financial and ethical and moral responsibility .

I find BOTH presidential candidates severely lacking in any of these qualities . Where are the ADULTS ?????