Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hassig Does a DeDe....Repudiates Nomination to Endorse Owens

   This sort of bubbled up on Friday's HOTLINE show when Green Party Congressional candidate Donald Hassig urged his voters to vote for Rep. Bill Owens if they thought the race would be close. Well, the Siena poll says its a dead heat, so Mr. Hassig has gone a step further, telling the Glens Falls Post Star he is voting for Mr. Owens and formally endorses him.
    Amidst rants of "frack you" and "kicking ass" of corporate America, Mr. Hassig ended up being just another Democrat. (I am not sure if the Dems agree with Mr. Hassig's call for a 'friendly takeover of Canada)
    The unfortunate part of this is that the Green Party works hard to provide an alternative such as they have in Syracuse where their candidate has actually campaigned and participated in debates.
    Accepting a party nomination and then repudiating it at the last minute to endorse someone else has happened before to Mr. Owens.
    In 2009 then Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava was the Republican nominee and on the weekend before the election repudiated the GOP and endorsed the Democrat.
Hassig endorses Owens


Anonymous said...

Are you saying politics is dirty?

Anonymous said...

Green party Yin Name Only.

Sumptin in the water in St Lawrence county and Dede and Hassig both drink it. Is it Kool Aid?

Left Handed Right Winger said...

So if Hassig asks his supporters to vote for Owens...does that mean that two more votes fall in the Demo's coffer? I wish I had heard the program...sounds like fun for the moderator. Can Tuesday come soon enough? Please...please...please. Do any of the candidates have a platform? We know we are in a tub of BS...and I don't care how many islands Matt Doheny owns. Someone please promise to work together to pull us up into the shallow end of this tub of BS...that is all we ask.

Anonymous said...

This was a Democratic set up from the start. GetHassig to run and then endorse Owens.

Anonymous said...

Reminds Me of the old commercial

"sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don't"

Hassig or Owens

Frack You?

m0pp3ry said...

after listening to him on the hotline i was going to vote him. but since he wants to play the flip game, frack him and frack owens.