Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GOP senators: Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time - The Hill's Floor Action

     Today 130 million or so votes will be tallied and for most people voting is relatively easy, but for others democracy is elusive.
      Thousands of service members will lose their franchise because with all our technology we can't come up with an easy way to get ballots to soldiers, sailors and airmen.
     Then there are those states like FL and OH where we will see lines stretching around blocks and people waiting for hours to vote.
      At Midtown Towers today I will be in and out in ten minutes, 15 if I chat up the inspectors.
      New York has 16,000+ precincts whereas FL has 6,000 on election day to handle more voters. Ungodly long ballots with lots of propositions and amendments also slows the process in some states.
GOP senators: Thousands of ballots unlikely to reach military voters in time - The Hill's Floor Action


Anonymous said...

make sure to take your Doheny button off before going into the polls!

RonS said...

Not having a fool proof way to allow our service members to vote is un-American! They are actually the very best examples of an American! Think of the first Americans who took up arms to drive the British out! Our soldiers are the modern day Minute Men and should be the FIRST votes counted!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you vote absintee the way you encourged everyone else to.

Anonymous said...

It would be a disgrace if someone is "placed" in office by cheating in the greatest democracy on earth because some of our citizens were kept from voting.

All freedom loving Americans should take a hard look at these tactics, and disenfranchise those who are doing it.

Idi Amin Duda said...

The way I see it is that all the troops know about absintee voting and are welcome to do so. They just have to get the papers and mail them. Which can be done weeks ahead. No real excuse there. I would hope that everyone gets the chance to vote, but if you wait you don't. Just like anyone here. Now I am sure some troops never get the chance do to where they are over there. Still it is sad that they don't. But it's what they are doing. They have a job unlike anyone else in the free world. It some times just sucks.

Dan Francis said...

FL 2000, redux ... they have a 12-page ballot and people in line for 5-8 hours and has tried to hamper voting period, etc., but that is not voter discouragement or suppression, right?