Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gettin' In the Groove for Election Night

      At Pete's they had election specials...Romney Ratatouille (eggplant, pasta, zucchini, and other stuff)  and the Obama Bacon Chili Burger.
      The GOP menu sounds snooty and healthy, but the Democrat selection sure sounds tasty, although Mrs. O might not approve.
      Since I am not running, I have been just an observer today.  Since I got rid of my home phone I don't even get robo calls, although my waitress at Pete's told me she got a Bill Clinton robocall urging her to vote for Dan Maffei. Right church, wrong pew, Mr President.
       I am going to enjoy the ambiance at Pete's then go back to Pearl Street. I don't want to hang out at any election parties tonight...This is a once in four years event and I want to watch TV. 

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Anonymous said...

Well enjoy Mr Mayor,realize this is your christmas,new years and fourth of july all in one..while I find it interesting,I just cannot believe any one president,or party,will change our direction.