In West Seneca You Could Make a Maze

In West Seneca You Could Make a Maze
Early Winter Storm a Shocker

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Former Congressman Martin Dies at Age 68

   Sometimes you turn on the news and get a shocker...Today it was the passing at age 68 of former North Country Congressman David Martin, who died yesterday under hospice care in his West Virginia home.
   Mr. Martin  was elected to Congress in 1980 and served six terms before leaving NNY to become a lobbyist. He is a Canton area native, graduate of Notre Dame and Albany Law School, and also was elected to the local county legislature and the NYS Assembly.
    Mr. Martin was seen on occasion in NNY of late, getting involved in the local Congressional race on behalf of candidate Matt Doheny. Mr. Martin was succeeded in Congress by John McHugh.


Anonymous said...

Ths is very sad news indeed....passing of a true gentleman! I remember working on Dave's state campaign as a youth with my parents, and I last saw him 2 years ago at a luncheon I hosted in Pulaski. May God bless him!
Shawn Doyle
Oswego County Legislature, Pulaski

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of knowing this gentleman and had the utmost respect for him and his family. I played baseball in little league with him on a team called the red caps named after his fathers business I believe.
I had fallen on hard times after losing my job,in late 1978 and my wife and myself were attending an Osmond concert at the fair in Syracuse.. He and his wife Deann were sitting directly behind me in the stands when I turned and introduced myself to him.. After briefly speaking with him about our time on the ballfield and in Canton school. I told him that things werent going well for us and I had just lost my job etc ect..I had a couple of questions about a pension from my exemployer and how it pertained to any federal laws.. He couldnt answer the questions but said he would get back to me.. On thanksgiving day in that year while we were gathered around the table for turkey the phone rang.. It was congressman Martin.. He asked how things were going, and he thought of us today and before he sat down to eat he thought he would give us a call.. He gave me the answers to the questions I had presented him months ago and told us if there was anything he could do just to call him...
While the years past and I only seen him once more I always remembered his giving us the time on a special day for himslef and his family and my family that he gave me the thought and his time as a person who cared..
I think this was great individual and thought the world of him his integrity as a congressman and person even though I disagreed with his endorcement of Doheny and what he stands for.

Anonymous said...

RIP thanks for all youve done

Anonymous said...

Very nice story 2:07pm, thanks for sharing it.