The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?

The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Political Junkies, Some Diversion After the Election

     For those of us left wanting with the coverage of the campaign over, this Army sex scandal fills a void.
     I really love this "unpaid social liason" title that is offered at military posts.
     Who is the one for Fort Drum ? I think its Lee Hector, but I could be wrong.
David Petraeus scandal: General John Allen accused of sending inappropriate emails to Jill Kelley | Mail Online

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Anonymous said...

A General, a biographer, another General, a socialite, a “shirtless” FBI Agent, an assortment of jilted lovers, twins, and 20 to 30,000 e-mails... this plot is becoming thicker than three day old pea soup.

Be sure to look for the new video... “Republicans Gone Wild”, coming soon!