Monday, November 19, 2012

Flouride and Dog Parks Headline Council Session

   City Council tonight got an earful from those wanting an end to the flouridation of drinking water... Speakers made an appeal based on studies they sight showing the chemical to be an industrial by-product put in water for dental reasons, but actually toxic to humans.
    Council agreed to discuss the issue with the water superintendent next week.

    Lawmakers also heard from supporters of a dog park in the city. Advocate Scott Gates made the pitch for designation of a site. He also took aim at the city dog ordinance which I think has been effective.  I am not against a dog park, but someone has to designate a location and tell Council how it will be paid for.
   Lawmakers extended by a week the time for buyers of a warehouse to close on the property. The failure to close on Friday was not met, but while granting a brief reprieve, Council seemed firm in not extending it further.
    Council also reappointed the chair of the Library Board and approved cost overruns for the Clinton Street project.
     There was also a presentation from a company from skirts the domestic prescription drug cartel in favor of off shore pharmacies. Council requested further information.


Anonymous said...

What about a cat park?
Why are you discriminating against cat owners?

Anonymous said...

Give the warehouse to the other bidders, and start charging her for the spots in front of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Canpharm is where to call Mayor I get Lipitor there 90 pills for $111, Here we pay over $400. Name brand not gen. Wife says the same on her meds. We dropped prescriptions on our med plan and save over $350 a month. We spend less than $100 on them from Canada.

Same drug same MFG we are getting ripped off here.

Anonymous said...

Didn't we see a news story a few days ago that the COW is in the hole financially?

COW cannot afford luxuries like a dog park.

Dog owners can use the SPCA dog park if they so choose.

There are also 2 dog parks at Fort Drum. Rhicard Hills (unless they dismantled it because anytime I drove by it, no one was using it) and one at Remington Pond.

? said...

For that much Lipitor comes as a generic now. Much less.

Left Handed Right Winger said...

Two things...the people that are questioning Flouride...they are right. Flouride should be used as a wash only, not ingested. Check it out. Now to the dog will be used by more people more of the time than any amenity that the city offers...and it will cost you very little. Get on board with that thing. Be a hero.

Not into it said...

I won't say like the rest I am for the darn dog park. The city needs to do right now what it did before. Say no. Say no thanks, please step off. Please don't waste weeks looking at it. For the man involved (SG) it is a game to stir things up and make poop fly. He admited he is so close to leaving the area, it's no longer funny. Tell him to get a new hobby. It's a big waste of time for the City Of watertown.

Same with Floride in the water. They need to show you one kid or adult who is sick from the stuff. If they can't, move on. We have Winter coming on. I am sure other important issues are at hand. Like the medical needs of the City.

Time for the X-files to end. It was a good show. It hasn't been on Fox for years.

Anonymous said...

As a taxpayer who through my city taxes would have to pay a portion of the cost of the park I would have to say there are more pressing issues on the plate for the city.
Whether or not your dog is able to socialize means nothing to me and should not cost me a dime.
SG... get a place for it then get a private enterprise to fund your bark park and after that, or better yet before that, maybe immediately, get help with your obsessions please.

(Responsible Pet Owner)

Anonymous said...

"What about a cat park?
Why are you discriminating against cat owners?"

Can we call it "Pussy Galore"?

Starseed Bob-Prophecy said...


I have openly talked to you about fluoride now for several years and its finally starting to sink in. Fluoride is a bi product of the aluminum industry and a non acceptable compound in drinking water or any product for human consumption whatever it may be from toothpaste to processed foods. As fluoride accumilates over time as ive CLEARLY said now on many discussions where you basically blew off what Ive said. Funny how Ive said at the time the canadians were removing fluoride and eventually it will happen in watertown- Yep and here it is..

So no fluorides, remove the cheap toothpaste that also lets you ingest the Rat Poison and buildup in your system.

Anonymous said...

Fluoride is a vital nutrient that needs to be added to drinking water so our smiles don't look like the ones in Oxbow.
If you don't want nice teeth then you can always buy drinking water that is fluoride free.

Referendum is the only moral way to change the good policy of adding fluoride.

Anonymous said...

A discussion about flouride in Drink water is overdue.

MOst European countries do not have flouride in Drink water.
And Iam not aware that the teeth of their children are worse.

Like an other poster above wrote:
flouride is not to be ingested.
It is plain poison .

Twenty years ago I talked to an chemical ingenieur, who told me, that flouride has dire affects on the brain development of unborn and little children.

In a way it prevends or make it harder to develop synapses of the brain.

I think it should left to the individual person to use flouride in toothpaste or mouthwater if they wish and think it would protect their teeth.

Even then the makers of this products want you not to swallow the products.

So that should tell people something about this "ratpoison"

flouride should not be forced upon us in drink water.

Bye the way this is the reason why I get all my drink water from the artesian spring.

Iam also with @10:07 PM.

These Woman has nerve to play the system like she does with the property on West Main Street.
And the city council goes along with and gives her, because of her lame exuceses another chance.

I doupt they would give another person who just bought a little house or small property a second chance.

Where are we here in Watertown? the dwilight zone?

To the dog park:
I think it would be nice to have one so dogs can be more socalised with other dogs and also humans
what would keep the disturbances down.

But before the city should shell out money for this.
They should go to the SPCA and ask about the frequent use of their dog park and maybe contract with them.

Anonymous said...

If there was a good location for a dog park, all for it! Funds can be raised so the city would have no expense for it. They can have a bunch of athletic fields at the fairgrounds and other places around town, this is much needed and could even bring in people to the area that shop, etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any one who thinks this city is in a hole financially are fools to believe this! Maybe 2 to 3 years ago I would agree that they were in some hard times because the economy was tanking, but not now! Look around at how this city has grown and continues to grow! If the city actually had to open up their books and show the public just what they had, I'm willing to bet that you would be very surprised at the numbers! Also, don't forget about Fort Drum and the financial impact it has on the area! Billions of dollars are pumped into the area every year because of Ft. Drum! This city has never been hurting for money! Now, I'm not saying that the city should spend money at free will, because I belive being conservative really isn't a bad thing! However, the people that run this city need to start being honest with the tax payers and stop scaring them into thinking that we are headed for financial disaster! That's just not the case! This city is far better off financially than they are letting on!!!!

Jasmine Borreggine said...

Here is an interesting clip on the fluoride subject that was on Fox News:

Thanks for raising awareness of the issue by posting it to your blog, Mayor! I know you get lots of readers. Hopefully you'll get a lot of feedback!

Anonymous said...

Flouride is a naturally occuring element. The flouride in your water is not the natrually occuring type, it is an industrial by-product. Instead of a manufacturer paying to have it disposed of safely, they have it taken off of their hands, by your municipality. Not for free either. It is a toxin. The naturally occuring type is a toxin. It causes a whole plethora of health issues. It was used in dentistry, topically. Not ingested. There are minor benefits to teeth if applied topically, but in certain doses. Too much causes issues. There is no benefit what so ever when ingested. Google Paul Connet, professor at St. Lawrence University. He has done extensive research on the topic. Doubters, like "not into it said...", that shrug it off and can't see how a harmful chemical could impair health should look at the cost savings that will be reaped by your city if this is stopped. Maybe you are one who is more interested in money than well being. Whatever you are into, flouride, in drinking water, is a sham.

Anonymous said...

Number one...
Flouride should NOT be in the drinking water... Studies show that excessive amounts can actually CAUSE pits in tooth enamel. If people are concerned about their teeth, get toothpaste with flouride in it...

Number two...
Did we all forget that there is a perfectly good dog park in Watertown located at the SPCA that is empty 6 out of 7 days? Why fight for the COW to waste their time and money building something that is already there and is not being utilized??

Anonymous said...

Right you are folks about the Prescription prices, CanEx is a Canadian Co. that buys drugs from the Canadian Govt and exports them, A while back I was in Arizona and retirees go to Nogales to get there Drugs @ considerable cost savings.................Sell the warehouse to someone else those folks have no business sense and we as taxpayers have to support their habit.2795 KMemssi

Anonymous said...

2;08... Have you looked at some of the projects the city has completed and in progress such as the JB Wise lot and the rebuilding of Clinton st, not to mention the paving and curb work on other streets? There is also the street through Stateway Plaza that has been discussed. These things will eat up a fund balance in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I never knew there was a dog park that my dog could use... Otherwise I would have used it. And if you are talking about that tiny ass fenced in area, I will just let my dog run out back my rented place like I have done for months. I also wait at the park around dusk and the play fetch with him. 10 mins of that and he is the happiest one of all.

The fluoride shouldn't be in our water yet my pedi said my son needs it in his :/.

Anonymous said...

Its always the ugliest dumbest unhealthiest least successful slackers amongst us that think they have the special answers to life.

Be it an organic diet, or withholding inoculations from their children or homeopathic medicine or ridding us of fluoride in our drinking water. Just once I would like to see someone credible advocate for this nonsense...rather than a playboy centerfold.

Anonymous said...

8:33....Yes, I have looked at these projects and I think the city is doing a great job when it comes to repairing streets and making the city a better place. However, the part that I do have a problem with are these cost over runs the city keeps approving to pay! Approving a $200,000 over run cost on Clinton St. is complete B.S. in my opinion! What good is putting a project out to bid if contractor's don't stay within the agreed amount? This happens on just about every project the city puts out for bid! If I get quotes for work to be done on my house and the contractor I hire completes the work and comes back to me and says he needs more money because he couldn't do the work within the confines of our agreement, I would tell him too bad, you agreed to do the work for this much and I refuse to pay anymore than the agreed amount! The city needs to start doing this with these contractors! Just think of the money the city would save just by putting their foot down and telling these contractors NO! An agreement is an agreement! There is a major flaw in the system and the city leaders need to get it together with the cost over runs! Its out of control!

Jasmine Borreggine said...

To Anonymous at 11/21/12 8:34pm: I am the person advocating for removing fluoride from the water. I’m confused by your post, are you saying I’m, “ugly, dumb and unhealthy” or a “playboy centerfold?” Either way, you’re misinformed. You said you don’t want people pushing their “special answers” on others. That is also what I want. If you want to drink lots of fluoride, your call. You can add it to your water.

Yes, in my family we eat organic foods, but I don’t make others do it and it shouldn’t be looked down upon. I’m a mother of three children. They all go to a “normal” doctor and dentist, right here in Watertown. They receive the recommended vaccinations and go to school. Over 4000 medical, dental, scientific, and environmental professionals have signed a statement urging us to end this outdated practice:

Jasmine Borreggine said...
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Anonymous said...

What happened to Clinton St. the light poles are in the sidewalk in front of Watertown Savings bank..

Anonymous said...

I think you meant cite as in citation. Sight refers to seeing or vision.

Anonymous said...

Jasmine, the Centerfold comment was reference to Jenny McCarthy's foolishness which is common knowledge in pop culture circles.

Please be honest and confess the homeopathic medicine you have practiced on your children, regardless of the conventional medicine you gave in to.

Contrary to your assertion, I do not want to drink lots of fluoride. I want to drink a few parts per million of fluoride. For perspective, think of the water molecule as a scientist who advocates fluoridation and the fluoride molecules as a "scientist" who does not.

While I would encourage you to drink fluoridated water, it is still your choice to drink any water you wish. You could even chose to consume the water delivered by the water corporation that serves your neighborhood, but remove the fluoride yourself before you consume it.

Or you could chose to drill a well and roll the dice with how much naturally occurring fluoride is delivered to your delicate well as other "poisons".

Anonymous said...

We should not be forced from Muto have fluoride in our drinking water, which is by the way also absorbed trhrough the skin while showering or bathing.

Everybody who wants fluoride can by the flouride toothpaste or mouthwater.

And for the argument of natural occuring fluoride, I am quite sure that this is a very low percentage comparing to the drinking water.

we have enough "poisons" to deal with like GMO Food, chemicals in Food, Pesticides in Groundwater or on vegetables and fruit, artafical or chemical byproducts of food or Radiation and Dioxin.
Also poor air quality in Jefferson county ( Nr.62 out of 63 counties in NY State - WDT article)

I personal find it appealing how commentators on this blog redicule each other for different oppinions on a serious suppect like health.
How about " We agree, that we disagree" and instead of insulting, stating some facts?

Everybody does the best possible due to their financal, living situation and knowledge to stay healthy.

Our modern live and diet has a lot of dangers.
More cancer, more heardisease and diabetes more asthma and allergies.
For example I remember reading that in Jefferson county every tenth person has some allergy and asthma problemes.

This is not to be taken lightly.
What ever we can do not to poison us we should to, like leaving fluoride out of the water.

The most europian countries by the way, have no flouride in the Water and also no GMO Food.

And to the facts:
Some posters had execellent links and commentaries and their is a Professor in Canton, who road a book about the dangers of flouride, who was also pictured and his oppions discused in the WDT.