Tuesday, November 27, 2012

“Fireman Ed” says he will stop leading chants at New York Jets home games - NYPOST.com

        Chronic losing and the feeling of being a Charlie Brown with the football pulled away is a powerful emotion. I remember when my former radio collegue Joe Brosk was an avid Bills fan, but after the four in a row and unraveling of football in Western NY a few years back, Joe just gave up the sport and his team cold turkey. Enough of the emotional roller coaster..enough of investing Sunday after Sunday in cult like worship of false prophets.
        That's what the resignation of 'Fireman Ed' as JETS fan in chief reminds me of.
Ed Anzalone will no longer lead the chants or wear the funny hats. The losing is part of it, but the nastiness and coarseness of fandom has left the former NYC smoke-eater disillusioned and forelorn.
JETS Super Fan Fireman Ed Ends the Chant

        I am still dealing with the humiliation of the Thanksgiving thrashing at the hands of the rascals from Boston, and find it harder and harder to be upbeat.
        Is the forty-plus year chant of 'wait til next year' enough ?   I'll tell you after next Sunday's game against Phoenix.
        And to think I did my Christmas shopping at the JETS on-line store.
“Fireman Ed” says he will stop leading chants at New York Jets home games - NYPOST.com


Anonymous said...

The only reason the so called fans go to a Bills game at Ralph's stadium is just another excuse to get drunk. No sense watching the game, nothing happening. I too gave up after 4 trips to the big one and nuffin.


Anonymous said...

Jeff are you going to give up on the cheerleading for Dohenys every two year attempt to buy a congressional job.. You have lead the charge for four or five straight years now when he first started buying up attention?