Friday, November 9, 2012

Doheny thanks his supporters

     Defeated Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has penned a thank you not to supporters. In it  he points out President Obama's six point win over Mitt Romney in NNY as a partial reason for his own two point loss to Rep. Bill Owens.
    Running against "Obamacare" was a tough talking point in an electorate supporting the President.
Doheny thanks his supporters - News Notebook by Chris Morris - | News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Anonymous said...

I am curious why you deleted the original post and comments and replaced them with this post. The other one was more interesting and heartfelt. Doheny really does have an opportunity to prove a lot of naysayers wrong right now and really "show up" for the community. It could be a great thing for everyone involved. Why delete that?

Jeff Graham said...

It was a much better written piece, but I was trying to re do it without the Times link so that I could get a link to NJ and I ended up erasing it by mistake.

Anonymous said...

Doheny doesn't need to prove anything. People voted for him but more people voted for free$tuff. Especially the RINO county. If Obama wasn't on the ticket, Owens might not of had the turnout to push him over the line.

When you get your MBA you don't need to start in the mail room. Doheny already proved himself and there is no need for him to serve as dog warden before running for Congress.

Anonymous said...

12:39, Doheny doesn't have an MBA.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Graham: any truth to the rumors that Foti is running in 2014? I've heard that Doheny begged him to help run his race in the final months because Freeland wasnt getting the job done but Foti declined because he didn't want to be associated with Doheny too closely. Maybe you can have Foti on the HOTLINE and you can ask him?

Anonymous said...

12:39- no, I think many of the people who voted for Owens (or for free stuff, as you say) simply were voting against Doheny. People think he is sleazy and untrustworthy. He may not need to start out on the bottom rung of the political ladder but running for a lesser role would have helped him establish some local credibility. Many republicans I know didn't vote for either candidate because they were so uncertain about Doheny's motivation to run, they couldn't seem to get a straight answer out of Doheny for anything and so much of his life seemed to be for show. His just wasn't likeable at all. Serving in a different political position for the last three years (instead of just campaigning) would have eliminated at least some of the concerns about him.

As for the BWIs, the DC incident, seemingly very insincere wedding, his condescending and aggressive demeanor and the dissatisfaction amongst his campaign staff...those would be harder issues to overcome. With time, all of the cheating stuff, the boating infractions and the wedding gossip will fade so maybe there is some hope. We'll see.